Two different realities

OK warning, this will be fuzzy. But I choose not to fix it. It may simply be fuzzy.

There appear to be two realities. The one we are all familiar with and that it is the material. We know a lot of items around us and also have a story for these objects. “This is called Hammer, it costs SEK 199, you can use it for this and that.” The material world is full of stories. Could it even be that it consists of stories? Where is there no story? Even our self-image is really nothing more than a story which is also constantly changing.

But if we dare to take a closer look at the reality around us, if we slow down and wake up – then we perhaps notive the second type of reality. Our consciousness. I am aware, I experience and there is no story, no thoughts. I am not a person but consciousness itself. I am not an object among a lot of other objects in this world, there are is also a subject experiencing all the objects. This subject is always there, I am always here as the observer. I just need to stay awake to realize that everything that is manifested in this consciousness is part of the same consciousness. How could it happen in two different consciousnesses? The separation, the experience that I’m in here and the world is out there is not true. It is a creation of the Ego.

Consciousness is of course no object, where in the dream can one touch or observe consciousness itself? Nowhere, yet it is everywhere. Can there be an object without a subject? Is the moon really there if no one looks at it? No one knows for sure, but at least we can be sure of one thing. That we are experiencing. Otherwise we would not be here. Already the ancient Greeks realized that the only thing we can be certain of is that we somewhat exist because we experience. Everything we experience can, however, be an illusion. It is obvious that consciousness is primary and the material world is secondary. We may think that we see houses, tables, cars, atoms, protons and electrons. But how can we be sure that they are there? They are just manifestations within consciousness. The Matrix film captures this in a fascinating way.

Another angle is to ask ourselves which of these two worlds that really is most relevant to us. In one, the material world, I have a body, I like a lot of things, do a lot of things and is afraid and ashamed of other things (thoughts). There is a constant stream of problems to be solved. Here we have made a lot of approximations of physical laws, but nobody has a clue where they come from.

In the other reality, I am a consciousness that is everywhere in this dream. This consciousness can become aware of itself and then no problems exist. A calmness settles over the dream, it becomes beautiful and safe. Everything is possible! The more I am myself in the dream, the less I take myself seriously, the more I trust others, the hornier I dare to be, the more I dare to open my heart and give from the well of love that opens from unknown source – the more fabulous dream becomes. Finally we may reach a point where we decide to dare to love everyone and everything in the dream around us. We all struggle with various defense strategies, but deep down we wish to be good. Why not love a man with good intentions? Or at least have compassion with someone who has lost their senses. All this we can choose to do, in the consciousness dimension, in this reality we can make conscious choices. We can actually make whatever choices regarding our attitude. Is not the world in which decisions are taken, the more real?

Stop looking for something in the material world, it is still not as real as the experience of being. Furthermore, it is perishable. But if you are in a dream, and dare to believe that you are in a dream, and you are awake in the dream – just as we have heard many people testify that it is possible to be (!); Why not love the whole dream, why not enjoy orgasms, why not make fun of yourself? After all, everything is just for fun, nothing to be afraid of …

And the dream is of course not separate from dreamer, how could it be? They have to be together through the link of communication. To see ourselves as consciousness, to see that the dream is just a dream and be aware that we see it and at the same time feel the whole dream as your own body… Then all that remains is to let go of all resistance and make love to the dream, including yourself as the experience . All is love, it seems to be the last step in this game we call reality. Who knows what the next dimension, the next level has to offer?

A meeting with Love
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