A meeting with Love


We believe that love is something we receive from others and this makes us dependent. “If she disappears out of my life I do not know what to do.” Sure, in a way you can say that you give love. But the only way to really experience love is to awake it within you, where it is always available. How else could we experience love, if it was not within us?

Love is stifled when it is forced into a personal box and made conditional. “I just love you and no other, but only if you behave as I wish.” However, if we can find love within ourselves and be confident that it is always there it can flow freely. Without being dependent and demanding. It is infinitely more beautiful that way. Love is then allowed to be the unifying force and source out of which everything is built on. The first time I experienced the love for everything in this way was during and after a retreat called Path of Love. Since then it has happened several times and one of those beautiful meetings I put into words during a trip in the Amazon. My sensitive heart obviously swelled over, but it was how I felt:

Love love love, finally I can confirm that nothing is greater than love. We all long for it, the soft, cute, sweet, lovely, delicate, fragile, vulnerable and timid love. It is exploding within me in joyful tears, since it was carefully allowed to find its way in this dream we call life. You are the most beautiful in the world. I love you so completely with all my heart, there is not a gram of my body and soul that I do not want to give to you. You are my beginning and my end, you are my life and my purpose, without you I’m just like a dry autumn leave on the sidewalk about to be swept away. But to be with you is both safe and exciting at the same time. Anything could happen! And do as well. Without a chance to plan anything – this love story is playing itself always, regardless. Kisses to you, take me, swallow me whole. I love you so.

Well… That sounds quite crazy. But it really feels that beautiful for me when love meets itself. We all have the seed within us, all we have to do is daring to be vulnerable, to show trust and let love grow within us. When somebody sings a love song to a fellow human being, there is a deeper message. It’s not the two people and their shared story that is the thing. Try instead to listen as if what you hear is Love singing to itself.


Song created by Love for Love

The Creation is your dream
Two different realities
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