The Creation is your dream


Everything is given to you

It’s your dream. You are in the middle of the dream, you are the creator, director, main character and background. The more you love, the more you are loved. The more you give the more you receive. What you send out is what you meet. You always meet yourself. Give and dare also to receive. Stand up straight as the enlightened being you are, proud in your full sexual strength. The world is yours but do not for a moment become hubristic, feel the gratitude. Feel your heart. May the Love of Creation be with you, always. Every breath is given to you, it’s already too much as it is. The sight of a sunset, the sound of the beautiful music, the taste of the sweetest berries, the smell of your lover’s hair, the feel of her skin against yours. There is already too much, how can you ever ask for more? And how can we ever choose to be something else than that which is now given by Creation?

Calmly observe the dream around you

I am watching dream around me. Seeing things happening, hearing the sounds, feeling the sensations – in the body below me but if I’m open, I also feel more. If I really relax, tension easing over my chest and the dream is filled with faith, beauty, love. I do not just see that everything is a dream where nothing needs to be taken seriously. I’m also at home, at peace. An observer of the film.

We are the children of the Universe

Why get caught up in trivia, why dwell on problems? How important are they really, how real are they? We are children of the universe, the universe is our stage, our game plan and our home. That is how big life is. We are free, we are freedom. Gratitude is a strength and liberation. Gratitude for the small, gratitude for the great. Let it flow freely through your chest. Thank you.

Music of the Universe

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