Who is Babyface the spiritual brat?

The garden in the little palace in Stockholm where I grew up

For many years I have joked about pretentious people who blogs about themselves, and here I am now – with my own blog … It will reflect my interests and thus cover a wide range of topics such as: spiritualism, tantric sex, meditation, shamanism, love and relationships, food, business and money, music, party, sports, science, philosophy, travel, charity, politics and society. There will be something for everyone. We all change opinion and when I read this in twenty years I’ll probably wonder what the hell I was thinking sometimes. But my goal is to be brutally honest and not withhold embarrassing details, so long as it serves the reader. Friends and family: It is not my intention to expose anyone against their will, so you can relax. 🙂

Now this blog is primarily not about me personally – although I am interesting and cool as hell. 😉 It is rather a new outlook on life that I want to convey. But for those who do not know me, I will here give a brief summary of my background. I was born in 1982 in Stockholm, where I grew up. My family and I spend the Summers on beautiful Käringön on the Swedish west coast. Both my parents have been successful and famous, especially in politics. One of my father’s jobs gave our family the privilege to stay in a fantastic palace in the Old Town of Stockholm, where I lived between the age 9-19. I have a wonderful one year younger sister who is happily married with two children. In many ways, I floated through my youth on the red carpet. I had good grades in school, partied constantly, dating lots of girls and got my first job as a management consultant at one of the world’s most prestigious companies when I was 26 years old.

However, this was the starting point when I slowly began to realize that maybe everything was not so good afterall. I have always been a seeker and I guess what I was seeking was the perfect life. On the surface, I also had the perfect life as a spoiled brat, but I was forced to realize the hard way that I was not looking for the meaning of my life in the right place. The stressful job with limited freedom, combined with problems in my relationships slowly pulled me down into a depression. I also had physical symptoms as persistent colds, nervous tics, herniated discs in the neck and properly reduced sensitivity and strength in one arm. We all have our deep wounds from childhood, although many like I did myself would like to think that everything was fine. I started going to a psychiatrist in 2009 (read original letter to him) and went 2-3 times a week for over three years. Gradually, I felt a little better, but the seeking continued. The spring of 2012 I opened my first spiritual book, and since then I feel that I have a much more clear basis and direction in my life. The book is called “The Power of Now”  by Eckhart Tolle and there I discovered Meditation. I had not read more than 30 pages when I heard a voice within me saying “this book will change my life forever.” It did also, it is a good introduction to Spiritualism and so is Tolles, perhaps more easy to read, “New Earth”. Since then I have been on this spiritual path, and it is accelerating, so that sometimes I hardly believe it’s true.

In January 2014, I was at a retreat (Path of Love) in Brazil, where I was in a new way realized that love is always available and it felt like an awakening from an old life to a new one. A few months later I was properly introduced to tantra and tantric sex in the “Crazy Wisdom” tradition, via the spiritual school The New Tantra. It was the first of many retreats with my tantric teacher and friend Alex Vartman. He has a slogan called “It makes sense in a weird way” and as you will see later, it is true in both dimensions, especially the weird one. Everybody in this tradition get aliases and mine is Babyface, hence the name of this blog.

Parallel to this, I was the CEO of a real estate company which I also co-started with some older, more experienced men. The company owns properties worth Billions of SEK and I sat daily in meetings with banks, brokers, tenants and officers. It was my youth entrepreneur dream to run my own company and earn lots of money. I liked my colleagues and there was nothing wrong with the job as such, but what I had discovered in the spiritual world was still more important to me. I chose to leave the company in September 2014, even though I did not know what I would do. In the meantime, then, I traveled around the world to meet spiritual teachers, do my spiritual practice, have fun and gather motivation and inspiration to live my life purpose. It would be a shame if the reader got the impression that it takes money to take the step towards something that feels more meaningful, because it is not true. And maybe we do not need to change what we do, but rather how we do it. Although everyone has different circumstances, we are 100% responsible for our own happiness. How could we demand that someone else should take responsibility for it?

It is normal to run on the treadmill, it is safe, no one will question you. But at some point in life, you will probably ask yourself the question: “Is this is?What do I really want to do with My Life?” There are those who ask this question first on the deathbed, but then it rather comes as: “What if I wasted all my life?” There’s no reason waiting to start acting in order to live the life we dream of. I believe that all people have a purpose in their life on this earth and if you are completely honest with yourself, you know if you live to fulfill your purpose or not.

The journey is still ongoing and has given me al lot of new potential projects. Business plans have been created for all kinds of personal development programs online and I am also looking for land to create a retreat centre with an eco-village. But when I found my new guru, Master Dhyan Vimal, I came to understand that there is nothing wrong with having projects in the world – but for me the most important project must be the self discovery, which is also the understanding of who I am not.

I have always liked to communicate both verbally and in text. Therefore I have  created this Babyface blog to take you on a journey with crazy adventures, interesting meetings and to share with you the lessons and insights I get on the road. With the hope that you will enjoy the ride!

A video which has motivated me

My God that is embarrassing!
The Creation is your dream
  • Babyface
    Posted at 17:55h, 01 October

    Thank you!

  • Jakeyboy
    Posted at 12:10h, 01 October

    Interesting post!

  • Tarzan
    Posted at 23:44h, 25 September

    Dearest Babyface

    I congratulate you on your brave, humble, committed and honest journey of sharing your life, reflections, experiences and actions with me, us, here on the WWW.
    I respect what you’re doing and I look forward to read more, learn more and hopefully soon see you live somewhere nearby :o)
    Get your cute ass to Odense where I live now and come celebrate my birthday on the 24th of October. WOuld be nice to see you!
    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s inspiring.

  • Derik Wall
    Posted at 16:43h, 25 September

    I’m very skeptic about Tolles and his so called enlightenment.. I skimmed through the power of now yesterday and find passages that did not hold up under scrutiny.. I couldn’t help thinking that Eckhart “seems” to have the ability, through his conscious presence, to enable someone to experience first hand the awakened state. What is conscious presence anyway? Does that mean that there is unconscious presence, or consciousness which is not present? I cant grasp the idea that one person can zap another person into experiencing something which everyone is already experiencing anyway, don’t you find that strange?

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