Babyface’s first article published in Swedish newspaper!

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My first societal article is now published in Sydsvenskan, with over 1 million visitors per week. So happy and grateful that there seems to be an interest in the media for these questions! : D

The article:

The cure for stress, loneliness and lack of meaning is within ourselves.

The content in english:

In Sweden we consider ourselves fortunate to live in a peaceful country with high living standards. But how good is it really?

Mental illness has never been higher than today. 40 percent of those taking sick leave do so for psychological reasons and according to Statistics Sweden, the number of depressed children and adolescents is three times greater today compared with the 80’s. Many are stressed out, burned out, feeling alone and wondering about the meaning of life. The relationship between mental and physical health is beginning to be accepted in the West. Allergy, cancer and other bodily problems become more common. The rat race with these symptoms is considered normal, but is it natural?

I myself have been in the service of society, or running in the rat race, until I was 32 years old. It was 17 years of studies, plus 15 months’ military service and six years of work. First as a management consultant and then as CEO of a real estate company. Like many others, I was stressed, felt unhappy and went for years to a psychiatrist to find meaning. My parents have both been successful politicians, but I could not see that a life surrounded by almost hateful medial forces was my purpose for being here on earth. Few of us have asked the question “what is important to me, what makes me happy?”. Even fewer live for the answer to that question.

I think I have been seeking all my life, but it was not until I opened my first spiritual book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, that I “got it”. I realized that there was nothing more important than feeling good and in September 2014 I left the attractive CEO-job.

Since then, the spiritual practice is my main direction in life and happily this is something that is growing rapidly in the Western world, as the people’s need for it increases. It is in my eyes as natural as necessary. The practice aims basically to be natural and happy like a kid again. I began to meditate 3,5 years ago and started practicing tantra 1.5 years ago. Tantra is about embracing the whole aspect of being human, including the ‘dark’ parts and the sexuality. A tantric master is confident in consciously embodying all energies and is not driven by needs and desires, but can give to others in a relaxed way.

I’m still a beginner compared to my teachers, but the practice has already given me a whole new life in the form of stronger presence, more peace and deeper feelings. I feel more in my body, unlike before when I lived only in my head. We think constantly, but there is no deeper satisfaction to find in the head. Thats is not where to find our joy, peace and love.

Us humans have a need to believe in something. Historically, we have believed in different utopias, dreams of the future paradise-like societies, or an afterlife. Today, the modern man believes in no such thing, but the need to believe remains and is therefore filled by other things. We are surrounded by negative news about starvation, murder, tax cheating, economic crises and the misfortune of others. Would it not be better if the news mainly reported about human progress that unites and for every problem reported they also proposed a solution. It could give hope and something to believe in.

The solution is not in society’s systems, the solution is inside of us. We can not legislate our way to a better world. I have created to spread this message. The message that we must work on ourselves in order to feel good. It is more effective to cure the disease, instead of just focusing on symptoms and try to extinguish fires. The disease exists in our psyche, environmental degradation and violence are only external symptoms. My hope is to be involved in giving birth to a new, freer and happier generation of children that are awake and can feel nature’s pulse in their open cells. Children who do not know what stress, loneliness and lack of meaning is. Children who see themselves as part of nature. It might sound like an utopia for some, but I rather strive for that instead of listening to all the jinxes, foreseeing the disaster is near.

What do you want to get out of your relationship?
Letter to my psychiatrist to be, 2009
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