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Poo. We all have a relationship to it. Daily. One Friday I was at the local pub on Käringön (Swedish west coast) with my buddy Nisse. We had had a great day on the sea and ended it with a barbecue dinner with beef tenderloin and other nice things. Already at 10 o’clock we noticed that something was not right in the stomachs, but we still wanted to go down to the pub. Once there we took turns to have punch-ticket on the only toilet for men and one time when I was going in Nisse came rushing past the urinal looking at me with panic in his eyes. “Are you going into the toilet ??!” “Yes, I reply,” shit pleased to be ahead of him. I sneak in, just managing to get the pants down while hearing how he stands moaning outside before saying; “Damn, I have to take the hotel next door”. I sit and enjoy. Don’t really know if I hope that he will make it or not. Sure, I want him to have a great evening and then it is not optimal to shit in his pants. But it’s hysterically funny on the other. Hmm, I’m a bad man? Schadenfreude for sure, but it is not exactly like someone got cancer.

In Bali last winter, I also had a couple of nights from hell when my friend Fredrik took me to a vegan restaurant someone  had recommended. We got a  pie smelling suspicious and it was to be washed down with room tempered water with a smell of mold. The idea was to get a positive bacterial culture. Bacteria we got for sure, positive I would not call them. It just flowed. From every hole. For days, with increasing despair I was hoping for any type of solid consistency, but it was not happening. The nights were the worst. Since I do not have babies at home I had to create artificial diapers with paper and other stuff. It helped only marginally. All sheets were wasted and when the water stopped working at 03:30 the other night the tears were not far away. I was not happy with the landlord when he arrived the next day. The only consolation was that Fredrik had to take the hit on his 20-hour flight home to Sweden. HA!

How immature is this post? Very immature I guess some think and it stands in sharp contrast to other more “serious” posts I write. But I believe all who are relaxed with self distance think it’s fun when someone, yes preferably someone else, shit in their pants. This I have witnessed with children, friends of my age and successful older men and ladies in both business and politics. Children should probably not drive, but they know how to have fun. In this they ought to be our consultants. Isn’t it liberating to have a bit of a childlike mind left? Nice to be able to drop the gard sometime, not having to appear in such a good light all the time. Even the US President can have diarrhea and is it not wonderful that we are all equal in that way. Poop humor is good humor.

What makes you let go of all thoughts and start laughing, what humor do you like the best? You are welcome to comment below, you may remain anonymous if you wish. 😉

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