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I am happy to present my first guest blogger, a close friend who goes by the name Bea Dominic. She is 43 years old and a teacher of tantric sex and relationships. A more detailed presentation about her will come later. We have probably all heard that sex has the potential to become better with age, especially for women. One warning is that this text can be perceived as strong and challenging for some. Judge for yourselves by her story, if you choose to read:

I had been traveling with Babyface and our teacher for five days. In the morning when it was time to go home I got a text from my husband, a good-morning greeting full of love. We had not had much contact these days to give each other some space, so this message made me extra warm in the heart. He gave me all the information I needed before my trip.

The taxi drives up the driveway and he comes out to pay, take my bags and give me a kiss. He is so handsome and masculine. We both practice to not talk away the first moment when we meet, but simply let our energies meet. So I just smile, tell him I love him and instead show with all my body how wonderful it feels to face him again. We go through the door and he gives me time to prepare myself before our dinner. He guides me firmly, but still lovingly.

When I come upstairs candles are lit everywhere and it smells wonderful. The attraction between us is so strong that it feels like electricity. To keep the polarity between us I remember not to take any direction, to not talk too much and feel love in my body. The whole situation feels like a movie. Could it be this good? What I did not know then was that the evening had just begun…

After the meal he asks me to fill up a bath. I light the candles in our candelabra and put on nice, chill music. We slide into the bath and let our bodies do the work to find their way back to each other. The water warms us and get us to relax even more. In Tantra, you can release the sexual energy in the spine, which means that the body can begin to move in orgasmic waves in the spine (kundalini). We let the bodies move towards each other, our hands begin to play and after a while it feels like I’m getting soft small orgasms throughout the body. The sexual energy becomes stronger and stronger, and our bodies do bigger and bigger movements. We can no longer hold back the desire to get even closer.

We go down to the bed and slowly begin to caress each other’s naked bodies with so much longing and love. The force is so strong between us and it feels as if the whole heart will explode. It sounds crazy, I guess, but we actually both get tears in the eyes  of love and gratitude. Just five years ago, I had no idea it was possible to come this close to another human being. Our hands get more and more eager, we just can not get enough of each other. He lay on top of me, kissing me and pushes into me, slowly, slowly. Every centimeter inside me is cheering with happiness. I feel so much that only the penetration can give me an orgasm. Our eyes, our hearts and our sex are now connected and he overwhelms me with words about how beautiful he thinks I am, how crazy sexy I am and how nice it is to be inside me. He then lies completely still in me, letting the dick and my cervix connect. I start vibrating inside when my cervix gets hornier and hornier. He takes me with so much love and presence. My body simply has to open itself fully to this wonderful man. I just get hornier and hornier, the whole body is shaking.

He starts to fuck me harder, as if he can not get enough of me. “You are the most beautiful and sweetest I know, I get mad,” he hisses as he presses me down into the bed. His cock fucks me hard and rhythmically. I have no pain in my pussy, just pleasure. I want more, I can not get enough of him. He smiles and looks at me, darling, are you that horny? I nod eagerly, yes yes yes, please take me deep sweetheart! He fucks me so deeply, more deeply than ever before. I have complete freedom to blossom in all my feminine energies. He takes me both gently and lovingly and dark and dominant. I love the whole scale of sexual energies and I finally become so horny I am just screaming for more cock. My womb is so open and horny now and the only thing I want is to be taken deeper and harder than ever.

Bang bang bang – his cock ponding so hard into me, again and again. All the time to the horniest part in my pussy. I am quite beyond with horniness. Crying, laughing, moaning and feeling like the happiest woman on earth. I let him take me deeper and deeper, harder and harder. I no longer think, our bodies move by themselves in complete synchronicity. I feel an urge to open the last part of me, in total vulnerability. Then suddenly it feels like I’m falling backward into the deepest and most beautiful orgasm I’ve ever experienced. I explode so hard on his cock. We are totally interconnected in both lust and love for I don’t know how long. Do not know if happiness or perhaps bliss is the right word. It was so beautiful and at the same time somehow painful when my heart felt everything.

I guess this sounds strong and of course it is not this great every time, but I did not want to downplay it, but tell you honestly how it was. In my wildest dreams, I could not believe it was possible to experience sex like this. What a gift!

See next post for tips on how to get these tantric orgasms, or read more about tantric sex here.

But how to get those tantric orgasms?
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  • Paris
    Posted at 17:41h, 25 October

    Holy Moses, I couldn’t sit still on my chair reading this 😀 thank you for sharing xx

  • Playmate
    Posted at 09:31h, 25 October

    Waow – Super nice to read this. Thank you.

    It’s Sunday morning and I’m still in bed, with no lover beside me. But after reading this I could do anything to bring a lover to my home, right here – right now… My cervix is longing.

    Thank you Bea and Baby Face for inspiring me. Big warm hugs to you guys!

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