Test your sexual skills and explore your great potential


Babyface comment:

Together with my friend “Andy” I am creating an App to help people to explore their sexuality alone, in couples or as singles dating. We have experienced so much more relaxation, joy and pleasure since we got a proper sex education (unlike in school). There is enormous potential and a lot to learn and discover. This test is thought to be the first step in the App, getting to know where you are at and what the potential is.

For example, we will ask you who you are, how many you had sex with, what your biggest sexual problems are and how big penis you have. If you are uncomfortable with these questions, this is not for you.

Kidding! 😉

Of course you are anonymous and there are no such questions. Just click on the link below.


How comfortable are you speaking in front of people?
Kiss me like you love me - take me with your anger

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