Exploring how it is to have a human body


Waking up in a human body, looking out at new world.

Russell Delman, a spiritual teacher from the Zen Buddhist tradition, once told me of an interesting exercise anyone can do. Imagine you are an alien scientist who has studied earth and mankind for thousands of years. Now you have the opportunity to be in a body for one hour. For the first time ever you will feel feelings and sensations, hear the sounds from human ears and look around from the perspective of eyes. You are not interested in all the labels of what you see, you have already spent thousands of years investigating them from a distance. Now you are only interested in the direct experience of having a body and you only have one hour. You are waking up in a little beach bungalow surrounded by tropical jungle.

You wake up. You notice this because all of a sudden you are aware of sounds. There are sounds everywhere in all directions if you just pay enough attention. Crickets, birds and the ocean waves against the sand beach. It seems almost like sounds is all there is. Then you feel your body. Your breath effortlessly filling the stomach, you feel tingling in your legs and you feel your heart. Everything vibrating with aliveness. Body sensations and sounds is all you know. Everything resting in the vast stillness of consciousness, free of any image of “me”. Then you open your eyes to let just a tiny flash of light through. You see a body lying beneath you. Immediately the mind wants to jump in and start labelling the body as yours, check what weather it is and think about what you need to do today. But stop! Not this time.

Instead you keep listening to the sounds, keep feeling the body. Exploring it like that curious alien scientist who is seeing it for the first time. How do the hands feel and look, how does it feel to touch this body? Slowing everything down to a pace where the body is just enjoying every movement. Where movements happen by themselves. You open your eyes more and see another naked body laying next to you. You see your hand moving towards that new body, carefully touching and then resting on the belly. There is an electrical signal going from the belly through the hand and into your body. You feel the energy rising. Still it is just like a scene, where you are just observing what is going on – with all senses. Like you do not know anything about who, how or why. You are just exploring. Really, there is no my body or the other body, there are just two bodies and the sensations.

Both bodies start to move. The legs are touching and you see the bodies getting closer together. There is an increasing pressure between your legs and it feels pleasurable. It wants to move towards the area between the other persons legs. Suddenly you feel a connection there, once again a strong electrical signal beaming from that area down there and through your system up to your heart. It is like a circuit is being connected between the bodies and energy start flowing through it. The power is growing and the sounds of heavier breathing are joining the sounds from the forest. Everything happening in the same experience, one experience.

The bodies begin to move rhythmically together, in synchronization and without effort. Suddenly you are inside one another. A new layer, a deeper connection again and you feel a hugely enjoyable impulse rinse through your body. Electrical pulses inside the body, sensations on the outside of the body, the sound of subtle moans and the sight of the two bodies enjoying each other. This is what you experience and that’s all you know.

The force becomes stronger and stronger and the bodies move more violently. Different energies are bubbling through the stomach and the body. One makes you feel strong and fierce, another makes you feel vulnerable, and the next makes you feel love. It just happens. The energies seem to build up towards a peak and at the same time you can feel how the body starts to tense. Tensing of the stomach, the buttocks and legs. It builds up and builds up, aaaaahhh… A hand is placed on your stomach, makes you relax. The energy that was built up and got stuck below your navel is again allowed to circulate throughout your body and get in touch with your heart. So this is how wonderful it can be! Feeling innocent lust and love at the same time, as if a child discovered it for the first time. It is so nice and goes by itself, tingling from your gender and spreading throughout the body. The pleasurable wave grows stronger, but this time it happens without tension – instead, it grows through a relaxation of the body. You are relaxing into the orgasm, falling into it. It reaches a level where you lose touch with your senses again and just feel the ecstatic fireworks. It is not a short peak followed by loss of the energy, but continues smoothly through the body for a long time. Almost like floating through the water.

Slowly the energy is soothing down and the bodies are closely intertwined in the joint rest. Again, you turn the attention outward and hear the sounds of the jungle and see the sea in front of you. The hour of discovery in a human body is coming to an end. The body feels so energized and every cell feels alive and in a happy vibe. You notice that the body begins to move again. It goes up from the bed, down the small steps from the bungalow. You see the feet go step by step over the beach towards the calm sea. The water feels warm and soft when it hits the first foot and there is a thrill of pleasure running through the spine. Step by step you see how the body moves deeper into the water until it starts to swim. You feel it swim effortlessly through the smooth water that caresses the naked body. You look up at the morning sun slowly rising over the ocean. All senses coming together into one single pleasant experience. You feel at home. Why would not it be a paradise to be in a human body?

A young woman searching for the road to happiness
Welcome to Paradise!
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