Another way to look at garbage


A shark entirely made of beach waste. It will make sense as you read… 😉

One beautiful morning I was walking alone on a beach in Cambodia. It was clear blue sky, a gentle and warm wind from the mountains and the sea was calm and inviting. I was feeling happy and content, but when I looked towards the green rainforest on my left I saw a lot of garbage that had been washed up from the sea. My first thought was: “Common, what is this? This ruins the whole picture. People in these countries don’t care about the nature. It is better in Sweden”.

So my beautiful morning mood was instantly changed and now I had turned into a grumpy old fart, shaking my head and complaining about not only the garbage, but also about the people of this country. Can you see the change of facial expression in front of you? From an open, grateful and relaxed face to this contracted, sceptical and frowning face. If we could only see ourselves

Anyway this time another intuitive thought came to me. In my deeper moments I have been shown that everything around me including myself is actually part of one coherent film. As if reality was one big painting in 3 dimensions with colours, sounds and feelings. Everything taking place within the same consciousness. This is not my ordinary state of being, but I have experienced it enough to know it is possible to live like that and that state seems much more fulfilling. My mentor have told us to practice living as if this was true, that everything is one, even in moments when we feel separated from each other and the things of the world. That way we get closer to this form of reality and we will also be more loving towards each other.

So I looked at the garbage and I looked at the sand and the plants around the garbage with the attitude that it was all part of the same painting. All manifestations within my consciousness. I dropped all labels such as good, bad and garbage. It was just shapes and colours. However, I will still use labels to describe the experience here. The text may be quite boring otherwise
 😉 I walked closer to the garbage and there sure was a lot of interesting shapes, colour and also material of different qualities when I started touching them. “Why judge some colours or materials as more or less worthy than others”, I thought to myself. “Next to the sand and this plant this old shoe is just another part of the painting”.

There were glass bottles from different countries, some pieces of wood that seemed to come from a wooden case, plastic bottles, an old football and a lot of other stuff. “Where did this shampoo bottle come from? Who had used it?” So I was digging around among the garbage like a homeless person or something, without any real goal. This exploration started to feel familiar…

Then I remembered.  This was how my friends and me used to play on the cliffs in the summer of my childhood on the Swedish west coast. Children don’t walk around complaining about garbage, they don’t have that constant voice judging everything as good or bad. They are curious instead of separating and complaining.

As it happened now I brought a nice green glass bottle with the text “Cool” with me home to the hotel. I cleaned it out and used it as a water bottle instead of using plastic bottles. Since I liked it I kept it instead of changing bottles the whole time. So without me planning it, this attitude made me more open and happy and I also made the beach a little bit cleaner instead of just looking at the garbage from a distant and judging it as less worthy. Appreciating what was there, instead of creating separation in my mind.

Once again this is an example for me of how the perception of oneness in reality is more fun, more creative and makes this world a better place. Once again it shows this attitude is actually not something new either, it is similar to how I perceived the world as a child. The difference now is that I am aware of the blessing when it happens, since I know all to well how it is to be trapped in the judgemental and separating mind.

Song that gives me a feeling of youth and joy:

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  • Mik
    Posted at 12:04h, 01 February

    Nope din privata! Visste inte att du hade en babyface fb, sorry!

  • Babyface
    Posted at 17:30h, 24 January

    Intressant kommentar mamma. Och sant pÄ sitt sÀtt. Nog Àr det relevant att agera och det finns ingen motsÀttning dÀr. Det Àr kanske tur för oss att det finns mÄnga dÀr ute som gör oss pÄminda om att det skrÀpas ner i naturen. Hoppas att de som skrÀpar ner lyssnar. Kram

  • Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth
    Posted at 16:01h, 24 January

    Åh, Erik, Erik! Hoppas fler reagerar som du och faktiskt plockar med sig lite skrĂ€p frĂ„n stranden, oavsett vad det kan Ă„teranvĂ€ndas till. Men hur ljusblĂ„tt du Ă€n kan se detta sĂ„ Ă€r allt detta skrĂ€p, i synnerhet plasten, ett hot mot andra levande vĂ€sen. Fiskarna och fĂ„glarna t ex. Det kommer larmrapporter om att det snart kommer finnas mer skrĂ€p i och pĂ„ havet Ă€n fisk!!
    SÄ, helt ok om du vÀljer att vara nyfiken i stÀllet för ledsen och ilsken, men om ingen tar ansvar utan bara iakttar fÀrg och form kommer strÀnderna snart vara obadbara.
    Puss frÄn Mamsen

  • Babyface
    Posted at 03:32h, 22 January

    Did you message me on Babyface facebook page? Please do, it should work

  • Mik
    Posted at 14:25h, 20 January

    Kolla din messenger, tror jag hamnat under filtrerat!

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