Help me find land to create the winter-escape-paradise


When you go on vacation in the winter to some sunny place you may have an idea what the perfect place would look like? I have a dream of creating something like that for you and other open-minded, friendly people. When I grew up my parents always had plenty of guests and big parties and ever since then I enjoy being a host. To make sure guests have a beautiful experience and to see friends meet friends. A few years ago I was planning to start a restaurant and nightclub in Stockholm. A good way to pick up girls I thought. 😉 Anyway, now this plan has matured into creating a tropical paradise for those who want to escape the winter for a week, a month or forever. This is part of the reason why I am traveling around so much. I am looking for land. You are more than welcome to help out with tips and contacts!

I am not saying this does not already exist – but I believe things can always be improved. This text may look a bit like advertising, please forgive me for being “Americanised”. I would also like this text to be relevant to someone who has not read the blog, so here comes the sales-pitch:

I have a successful background in management consulting and real estate and I have also arranged events and parties for 15 years. In the last years I have been going deeper into spirituality and self-discovery, practicing everything from tantra and yoga, to meditation and shamanism. During this journey I have had the privilege to meet many extraordinary people and I have several spiritual mentors who guide me on this path. Now I would like to combine these diverse sides of my life and create a very unique place, a retreat centre surrounded by an eco-village. When cool people come together interesting things happen. If they can do this in a beautiful environment designed for the purpose, it becomes even more interesting.

The vision is to create a place that makes the guests feel like they have come to a tropical paradise village by the sea. Imagine yourself arriving by boat at a private sunny beach, surrounded by virgin and clean nature. The houses are tastefully built and decorated, staff and also other guests are open and naturally relaxed and the food is delicious and ecological. Silence is rare today but you find it here and when there is music it is only played in the bar and it is carefully chosen to give you the right vibe. You and your neighbors also get off your addictive phones, since Internet only works in the business centre (high speed though, slow internet can kill me). Furthermore there are a lot of activities to do like surfing, sailing, fishing, hiking and also spiritual workshops for your well-being.

Workshop teachers from all over the world are bringing their knowledge and wisdom to the village. Guests apply before visiting to ensure it is not the size of the wallet deciding clientele, but rather the right intention and motives of the guests. Progressive couples that want to give their children the safest and most loving start possible in life, are welcome to establish their families in the village. The variety of people visiting ensures the village does not turn into an isolated cult, but remains in a rewarding exchange with the world. It is a place to relax and heal, but once a month there is a full moon party on the beach with world class DJs, sound and lights. Then we all go nuts together!


OK maybe you feel sick of all these words, or maybe you just want to sign up? We plan for a paradise and those are big words, but thanks to the networks I am part of I strongly believe it is possible. If we succeed this place could work as an inspiring model for others to take after. So I’ll go on a bit more…

In our network we have worlds class spiritual teachers within a wide range of practices. I have been doing work shops with some of them and the methods and tools the participants get, seem to make permanent positive change in people. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds such as body workers and midwives, as well as professors and businessmen are becoming more open, freer and happier. So far the teachers I know travel to different centers all over the world and a fixed, suited location for the workshops would make a big, relaxing change for them too.

When it comes to the actual eco-village we also have architects and project managers who have experience from these kinds of projects. They usually spend months planning exactly where each house should be placed to create the natural microclimate that normally took decades and even centuries to build up in the slow growing villages of the past. They carefully choose which materials to use and the maximum dimensions of each house, creating harmony and coherence by taking in the big picture. This give higher long-term value, instead of short term maximized profits of the typical industrial, multiple floor hotels. Food is becoming more and more artificial in the world, but in this village food will be eco-friendly and locally produced. Electricity, water and recycling solutions will be modern and sustainable.

a.baa-Dream-house-on-the-beachInspiring picture, your vacation villa.

As soon as we have found the appropriate location the project can start. What we are looking for is a private beach with substantial space between the village and other neighbours. A private island would of course be a dream and it does not have to be that big, 10-15 hectares could be enough.

Essential parameters:

  • Nice climate, especially during the European winter
  • Beautiful environment with virgin nature close by
  • Safety for the village and its guests


Other desirable parameters:

  • Good conditions for surfing, kite-surfing, diving, hiking and other activities
  • Reasonable transit from Europe
  • Friendly local people with interesting culture
  • Potential for eco-farming of cattle and crops
  • Reasonable taxes and bureaucracy, low corruption, political stability of the country, Liberal local laws to ensure the freedom of the individual


Countries that we are interested in at the moment:

  • Cambodia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Bahamas
  • Costa Rica


That’s it, no expectations right? Perhaps I am bound to fail living up to this sale pitch… But this is my dream. It is January and I work a couple of hours in the morning, go for a walk and a swim by myself before I go down for a lunch by the beach and there I find you sunbathing after your yoga-class with a fresh orange-mango-pineapple juice in your hand. Sounds good? 🙂

To find the right contact in a country is important and any help or tip of available land matching the criteria is very much appreciated. Feel free to share this post, comment below or write me a message to the Babyface Facebook page.

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Two years ago this would have made me crazy jealous!
  • Roxana
    Posted at 20:46h, 09 March

    Tantra teachers looking for community or beautiful place to have retreats 😊

  • Babyface
    Posted at 22:47h, 05 March

    Haha, du är välkommen Emina!

  • Emina
    Posted at 22:08h, 05 March

    Du. Jag kommer och jobbar för dig föralltid om detta går i hamn.

  • Babyface
    Posted at 00:49h, 04 March

    Thank you Jörgen, I will!

  • Madeléne Blyckertz
    Posted at 22:03h, 02 March

    I would love to visit this place ❤️

  • Jorhen Blsdh
    Posted at 17:41h, 02 March

    Costa Rica is supposed to be something else. Not only the beauty, but also the mindset of the people. and even the politiciands. And way less corruption. Check it out …

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