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No place

As you may have read in my post Help me find land to create the winter-escape-paradise I am traveling the world to find a beautiful paradise like beach to create a retreat centre and an eco-village. As I wrote in the last post, this traveling is in a way becoming less and less interesting because I have started to see the Ego everywhere (including my own). I was in Los Angeles the past weekend, going out to party with some friends.

LA could be an interesting place. It is huge and there are lots of “crazy” people in the streets – people from all over the world. I had some interesting experiences during the weekend. For instance we went to an introduction party in BDSM and I also went out partying in both gay bars and normal nightclubs. In the daytime I met friends on the beach, went to a spa and did some shopping. So I feel I got to see and do quite much in three days. I met some people who were open and exchanged Facebook contacts.

Still, I must say, I am not that impressed. I was more impressed the two other times I was there, but then I was younger. LA is supposed to be one of the coolest places of the world. But I must admit I don’t really get inspired. This is something that makes me even more certain about that my main purpose right now is to try to create the “perfect place”. A father to one of my friends recently said that he has travelled all over the world now, and there is no place he is particularly interested in seeing anymore. It is starting to look the same and he is looking for something new, something unique. (Funny he just applied to do a tantric workshop, that for sure will be something new.) I know more people who are getting less excited about traveling. It has always been one of my favorite things to do, so this could make me depressed – if it wasn’t for the Plan.

I was discussing this with a friend a late night in an apartment in LA:

The spiritual brat is traveling around the world, but no place is cool enough for him to want to buy a place to spend the winters.

-Well then I simply have to create it myself.

-The coolest and best place in the world.


-No that’s just the way it is.

These are my actual notes from that night!! Ok you see I am crazy, BUT – I kind of love it when I dare to go all the way with the “brat-way of looking at things”. Nothing is impossible. I realize some will call me arrogant, or not open to see what is already perfect, or not being compassionate, or simply spoiled brat. But I just try to tell you what I see. I have not yet found the place with beautiful nature, delicious food, warm climate, good service, tasteful interior and exterior design, the right music when appropriate and silence when appropriate, mobile free zones, liberal regulations, awesome full-moon-parties, lots of activities to do and most importantly – the vibe; authentically (unlike some spiritual communities) loving and open-minded people, curious about each other with no fear of looking each other in the eyes, nor fear of getting intimate... If such a place existed I would buy a house there – yesterday! It would be great if somebody else did the job (and earned the money). I feel no competition there. So the stakes are high and I am up for the task. Failure is not an option.

Somewhere within this hyper-confident brat mind, I realize that a project like this could very well go to hell. Of course this is also my particular taste we are talking about. But I believe you too have your taste and maybe you have not found the place where you truly feel at home? Even though there are nice places and nice people out there you miss the little extra? I can sense a sincere longing inside of me to create this. It is not mainly because I want to prove myself, earn money and recognition – even though those aspects probably affect me too. No the longing is to live on a beach where nothing is missing and to welcome people I love to this place. To give them the best holiday of their lives, something to remember. Or to welcome them to stay for good. A place to relax, meet new friends, get a new perspective on life and gather inspiration to take our lives to the next level. I believe I could nourish a lot of love inside if I was part of a team, one of the hosts, for such a paradise beach and there is nothing I long for more than being able to spread love and joy and to find more meaning together with you in a place of peace and prosperity.

PS. Right now Cambodia is looking promising. I would like to get in touch with people who are successfully running businesses in Cambodia, to learn more about the country and create a network. Please comment below if you know someone, or message Babyface on Facebook.


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