The Jews must be right


Jewish woman awaiting The Messiah.

It seems like many of us find some people, alive or dead, that inspire us. People who rose out of the ordinary and communicated something worth of remembering. There can be arguments about who is “The Real Deal”, sometimes even war about the matter. Who is your primary source of spiritual inspiration? Jesus, Mother Theresa or Bono? Personally I cannot really choose one, it has to be a combination.

So throughout history there have been a great number of holy men and women, saints and saviours. Many were self proclaimed, but some of them seem to be quite widely accepted as something out of the ordinary. Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed are probably the most famous ones, but there are also examples from modern times such as Ramana Maharsi, Osho and Byron Katie. When I read and hear their words there seems to be some kind of consistency in the message. Even though it often has been somewhat distorted along the way, the original message still shines through. It has been expressed in many ways such as: Be a good human being, love your neighbour, there is no separation, the Kingdom of heaven is within, Nirvana is already the case and so on.

We have been told how to create a better world free of problems, conflicts, fear and greed. I really believe there have been many extraordinary beings on this earth and that many of them were enlightened in one way or another and hence the will of God, Universe or Nature was communicated through these Masters. But… There is a But. No matter how enlightened they were, they were not able to save us. We are still not enlightened. We are still suffering from our “mind fucks”, believing our thoughts, and need morality and laws to not steal, kill or cheat. My tantric mentor says that no spiritual school has ever been able to produce an enlightened being. No one have found a proper A-B-C-method for common man to attain liberation. Jesus, Buddha and the rest were giving us wisdom, but we still lack effective tools to get to their attainment.

Master Dhyan Vimal, who I wrote about here, has said that enlightenment is the next step in human evolution. This is something I believe in and also the scientific part of me likes this. It is obvious that enlightened beings function better than the rest of us. Maybe the cells in their bodies simply function better, are more intelligent. My mentor has a theory about full-body-enlightenment, some kind of upgrade, and that such a being would be able to transfer the enlightenment imprint to others for real. Some kind of stronger mutation that starts a chain reaction, where disciples and others also get it. Not just intellectually, but the very cells of other peoples bodies also take the next evolutionary jump. This has not happened yet in the world, the Ego is still dominating everywhere.

This makes sense to me, that we are still waiting for The One (or perhaps The Ones). A being who will raise above all earlier saints and enable the liberation to happen for real in this world. That is why I think the Jews are right, still waiting for the Messiah. If Messiah has already been here he did not do a very effective job, or what do you say?


I am very thrilled by this subject, almost fanatic. ;). We are living in a very exciting time, when old and new wisdom from all over the world is available and can be combined to create better tools and methods than ever before. Both Master Vimal and my Mentor have each independently created a step by step model of human growth that they are constantly developing. Human growth toward liberation, the next step in our evolution. Both approaches seem promising to me and I am studying like a school nerd, trying to find my own way in all this. I really believe they are on to something and I will return to this subject while learning more.

As you may know I have a sometimes embarrassing over belief in myself. When two friends visited me in Cambodia they asked me one day what the most vain thought I had about myself in the spiritual matter. I loved the question! “Are you ready?”, I asked them. They said they were ready. “Ok, this is bad… My most vain thought about myself is that I am… – The Real Jesus!

Yes you heard me. Not the next Jesus, but the Real Deal. Jesus the Upgrade. Jesus 2.0. I told them Jesus did not really make it (as argued above), but this thought is telling me that I will.

Does it get any worse?! Can hubris reach any higher?! How can a spoiled brat with a blog have this thought? To my defence I must say that I have learned to question my thoughts so I often laugh at them, especially this one I do not trust. But I do not fully distrust it either. I do not think it is impossible. So I am telling you; There is a chance! (quote Dumb Dumber)

Why wouldn’t everybody have a chance? I believe we are all being pulled in this direction by the force of Nature, Universe, God or whatever we call it. So it is not a question of if, rather of when, how and who. Have you felt this in your life? The pull. Who will be the first one to lit the fire in others in such a way humanity is transformed. Seeing the archetype of a narcissist Donald Trump in TV makes me feel we may need the saviour soon.

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  • Babyface
    Posted at 22:03h, 08 April

    Hi Anna,
    I have been thinking about creating a list of some good books. I will do so later on with explanations of why I like the books.
    Here is a start:
    *Power of Now (Tolle)
    *Thousand Names for Joy (Byron Katie)
    *Way of the Superior Man (David Deida) – for men
    *Dear Lover (David Deida) – for women
    *New Earth (Eckhart Tolle)
    *Loving what is – The work (Byron Katie)
    *Love, Freedom, Aloneness – Osho
    *Waking Up (Sam Harris)
    *Finding God through sex &/or The enlightened sex manual (David Deida)
    *The Net of Indra (Sante Poromaa)
    *Wild Nights (David Deida)
    *The Tibetan Life and Death book (Sogyal Rinpoche)
    *The Knee of Listening (Bubba Free John)

  • Anna
    Posted at 20:26h, 03 April

    Hahha really nice post. Can you give us some recommendations of your favorite spiritual books? I know that you have mention The Power of Now already.

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