I received a new and beautiful name – why does it matter?


Master Vimal and myself during my sannyas ceremony.

If you did not read my last post, you should. It is great and very cultural. 😉  But if you are too lazy the background to this post is that I am on a pilgrimage trip in India.

I have always made fun of people who change their name. I mean, how seriously can you take yourself?!

Yet, here I am. A former businessman and party-animal, now a spiritual seeker getting a new name for the second time. I got the name Babyface from my tantric community TNT 2,5 years ago. It has served me well in NOT taking myself too seriously and I have no intention to change the genius name of this blog.

This time I received a new name based on a very old tradition and I also got the special treatment, as the Spiritual Brat I am. 😉  During a visit at the temple of the Main Siddha, Agathiar, I received Sannyas from Master Vimal. This is a tradition where a seeker gets a particular name who gives him/her a hint of his greatness and hence also a clue of what quality of the Divine to embody in order to be liberated, to attain to Enlightenment. Osho has said the following about sannyas:

“Looking at life from the standpoint of self-ignorance is sansara, the world. Looking at life from the standpoint of self-knowing is sannyas.

You cannot put a cloak of truth around you. Truth has to be awakened within you. Sannyas is born. It comes through understanding, and in that understanding we go on being transformed. As our understanding changes, our outlook changes and our behavior is transformed without any effort. The world stays where it is, but sannyas is gradually born within us. Sannyas is the awareness that ‘I am not only the body, I am also the soul.’ With this knowing, the ignorance and attachment inside us drops away. The world was outside and it will still continue to be there, but inside us there will be the absence of attachment to it. In other words, there will be no world, no sansara inside us.”

Those words will probably take a life time to fully understand, but I can already in my spiritual journey sense that there is something inside me that has been awakened and this something is independent of the world outside. Not that I am always in balance no matter the circumstances, what I mean is that my essence inside always is available if I am conscious, if I am aware of it. The sannyas-name is meant to help me and others to connect to ourselves, to the true part of ourselves.


Picture by Tim Fernandez

My Sannyas-ceremony was a special moment that still, when I remember it, creates a sense of gratitude as well as faith and “hard-to-define-mysticism”. I don’t really know and understand everything, but it feels good. My new name is Swami Sohaam Nirvesham, which means I am He in Delight. It seems to indicate that celebrating Life and also myself is my path in this life. I like it! It does not sound like I will stay alone in a cave somewhere…

Here are two videos from my ceremony:

Getting Master Vimals blessing

Swami Sohaam Nirvesham - I am He in Delight

Interview about my spiritual journey in the Swedish pod "Sjuk i huvudet"
Cleansing my Sins on a (Brat-) Pilgrimage in India
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