Moving back to nature – my new home is on an island!

Storh1My new home at Storholmen, moving in 15th August 🙂

About one year ago I sold my apartment in Stockholm and left to see if I possibly wanted to live somewhere else in the world. At that time I was in the middle of a tantric adventure and the first destination was Amsterdam. During the Winter and Spring I realised that no matter how much I have enjoyed travelling, I was longing to get a proper base – to create my own home. Sunshine and warm winds caressing the skin is important to me and therefore I decided to settle down in… Stockholm! Living on the wild side.

Seriously, what I realised from many years of traveling is that Stockholm is amazing (even though I still hope to escape the Winters), and this is also where I have most friends and connections. Another important factor is that Master Dhyan Vimal is focusing more and more on Sweden. I believe that is a blessing. He also recently said that the phase I am going into will require more of peace and quite and I also feel that is what I am longing for. My whole life I have lived in the city centre, in the middle of the buzz. But lately I am drawn more and more to living closer to nature. Therefore I decided to buy this nice place at the island Storholmen. It is actually not more than 20 minutes (5 minutes with boat and 15 minutes with car) from Stureplan, the party centre of Stockholm city. After party at my place!

So I am getting a Villa and I already bought the Volvo. Looks like everything is set up for kids, apart from the fact that I am single and on my 3rd month of sexual celibacy… (Report on how that is going will come) Guess my life situation is getting too confusing to even analyse. Anyway, my biggest fear about moving to a villa was to be lonely out there, but judging from all the positive responses from my friends that won’t be a risk. Everyone I have been talking to is almost as enthusiastic about this as I am. It seems more interesting to visit me in a place like this, compared to an apartment in the city. And I love having guests! I still want to create a little tropical paradise at some point, but I will start out by doing this in Sweden.

Storh2The nature view of Lidingo, seen from the little boat house

I believe most people actually feel better being in nature compared to in a stressful city. An interesting example is how my new neighbors at Storholmen are making me feel extremely welcome, even before I have moved in. There are about 200 houses on the island, one third of them host all year around residents and two thirds are Summer residents. So it is like a little village where people know each other. “You will soon learn that a night away from the island is a lost night”, one neighbor told me – joking but also meaning it I guess. People seem happy to welcome me and they offer their help. This is quite different compared to how it works in the city, where I hardly have known any of my neighbors – even though they may have lived on the other side of my bedroom wall. I guess there are just too many people in a city. You can’t know them all, so why bother looking each other in the eyes?

This little community Storholmen is perhaps a reaction to that. There was not more than 12 permanent residents living there in 1990, now “we” (I’m already one of the cool guys) are 200 and many are families with small kids. I have already started to romantically dream about me drinking my morning coffee on the dock by the sea and then going for a morning jog, greeting everyone I meet with a smile on my face.

Storh 3

My new neighborhood, there are no cars on the island!

Regardless of whether my neighbors will like this weird spiritual seeker or not, I do believe this will be a good place for me to deepen my meditation. The spiritual journey is making me appreciate my lone time more and more, and as long as a good dinner with friends or a crazy party is not too far away I am actually quite blissful when being alone. Especially in nature. I have interesting plans for how to make the place into a little paradise. Everything from creating a holy room for spiritual ceremonies and filling the garden with wild flowers, to setting up a sound and light system for Real Parties and buying my dream boat. I believe in living both vertically and horizontally simultaneously, both going deep inside and enjoying what this world has to offer. Hence, the name “Spiritual Brat”.

How do I pay for my life? Money…
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  • Babyface
    Posted at 23:57h, 01 September

    Tack så mycket Jasmine 🙂

  • Jasmine
    Posted at 09:34h, 31 August

    Har precis börjat läsa din blogg, intressant! Först stort grattis till nya hemmet! Sen roligt att läsa att du hittat din väg som får dig att må bra 🙂

  • Richard Kurylski
    Posted at 13:02h, 15 August

    Oh boy, I hope you will excuse me poking my nose into your business, but although Lidingö is a paradise in itself, I think I won’t be a wet blanket by telling you that for sure you will nor create a tropical paradise up there. unless there is a geographical pole-shift and Lidingö will turn out to be close to the new equator. I alla fall, lycka till med ditt nytt hem och liv! Hoppas att allting går mycket bra som du drömde.

  • Scott Caulwell
    Posted at 11:55h, 12 August

    Maybe buy a submarine ;-)*

  • Scott Caulwell
    Posted at 11:54h, 12 August

    Enjoy creating your tropical paradise in Stockholm my friend.

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