New world famous DJ on the way

Hi guys. I haven’t written much at all lately since I’ve been busy making my new home more beautiful. But during this Summer I also recorded my first Mix, my first Set. So I am soon to be a world famous DJ. 😉

As in many processes I have tried to go from performance pressure, this stressful thought that I need to perform, towards gradually experiencing more and more of pure joy for the actual activity. And now I am listening to this set almost all the time. Think about it yourself, would it not be nice to have all your own favourite songs mixed together in one set? Now I have that, and I created it!

Or did I?

Where do you draw the line between who´s music we are talking about here? I have myself chosen 12 songs that I like out of millions possible, put them in the order I prefer and mixed them together in a way I found appropriate. But someone else created the actual songs, putting many hard hours into it. Perhaps those artists think they did the actual work.

Or did they?

A woman I met once commented; “Can anyone really own music?” That comment stayed with me and has been growing ever since. How many previous inspiring artists, parents, music-teachers, colleagues, employees and (maybe) even managers did not contribute to make a song happen? And I think most creative people would agree that the creative process is not something you work hard to get to. Creativity rather happens by itself, born out of the empty consciousness when one is relaxed and open. Maybe in the shower or when waking up in the middle of the night. It comes from somewhere else. How can anyone take all the credit for anything, if you take the whole picture into account?

But still, of course I am proud like hell… Showing it to everyone and expecting compliment and impressed faces. This make me think of a friend who has taught me the absolute basics of how to mix and also giving me some of the songs in this set. He is a very talented musician overall and when he is DJ:ing people love it. Still he has not to my knowledge recorded one single set and shared it. He thinks that is pretentious. I get it, but I also don’t get it. Why not put all those small town ideas aside and just share whatever you are doing. Who cares if it is good or bad. In his case I know it is extremely good and I would listen to it a lot. So he could do it just as a service to others instead of taking it all so seriously. Just go for it! 🙂

Anyway I am positive to the development online where music, films and all kinds of stuff gets more accessible. I know my mother and others argue about the rights of authors and I am not saying they don’t have point. I am just saying there is no point fighting evolution. Now artists and fans are getting much closer. No big media-companies are needed in between. Anyone can get their music out to millions and it is cheap and easy to get your favourite songs. Some artist may earn less money on sold albums, so they’ll have to go out on stage and meet their fans. The whole industry becomes more democratic and once again it becomes harder to claim anyone owns a particular song. Which is healthy I think. Technology forcing old-style-society to change.

So back to “My” Set, which I think is great. I know all mixes aren’t perfect, and some songs may not totally “marry” with each other, and I also used the same song twice. Hmm, never heard of that in a set before. But most people, including me, seem to like this song from the very first time they hear it. Master Vimal has said that we actually like repetition, the body and sub-conscious mind remembers. We like to hear something we recognize, it is only the intellect that can come up with the idea of being bored. Please enjoy, here are the artists behind the set. Who, in turn, is behind them – I do not know. 😉

1. Adagio For Square (Original mix) – Worakls
2. Lost & Found (Original mix) – Guy J
3. Animalgarden 2 – Jeremy Ölander
4. Aeon – Jeremy Ölander & Erik Hultsberg
5. Midnight (Jon Hopkins Remix) – Coldplay
6. Consciousness (Original mix) – Frankyeffe amp Enrico Sangiuliano
7. The Return – 16 Bit Lolitas & Glowfield
8. Murder Weapon (Original mix) – 16 Bit Lolitas
9. Distant Shores (Original mix) – Petar Dundov
10. Adagio For Square (Original mix) – Worakls
11. Deep In My Soul (Original mix) – 16 Bit Lolitas
12. A Million Days (Original mix) – Paul Kalkbrenner
13. Innerbloom – Rüfüs

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