2. Remain Innocent by Bowing in Honour to the Truth (known and unknown)

This is the second commandment out of 10, for the full list please read the previous post.

During my whole life I have always had the experience of peace when being honest, and the feeling of guilt and tension if I haven’t been totally truthful. I believe all people have this, if we lie we cannot really enjoy life. Some people lie more frequently than others and often suppress the emotions around it, they may even start to believe their own lies. But in my experience the lies always comes back in one way or another, in the east they call this karma. When I was a kid and lied about stealing candy or something it always gave me a knot in the stomach. Later in life it happened that I was not honest towards a friend or girlfriend and this immediately affected the relationship – creating a separation. And more guilt feelings inside me.

Another problem with lying or withholding information is that it gets more difficult to trust others. We are constantly projecting what we know about ourselves onto others and the world around us. What kind of life quality is it to not being able to trust the people around us? Ancient Gurus, saints and mystics have always said that innocence is a must for one to be free, to enter nirvana. Jesus said something like “the pure and innocent shall inherit the earth”. I believe most have, like me, felt the enormous relief after admitting the truth, or just the relaxation of living in truth.

Why bowing? Bowing to the truth in this sense also means to honor the truth, to accept it as more important than me and my ego. Apparently our brain is put together in a way it accepts something new if we bow to it. This has old historical roots. In the battlefield the weaker party bows to the stronger, accepting the defeat and with this follows accepting the stronger as the new lord. Taking his values as the new values to live by and follow his command. So if we want to be stuck with whatever knowledge/wisdom we have today we should not bow to anything, but if we want to grow we must also be able to bow. According to my Guru this is the meaning of the bowing in the temples, in this we accept there is something more than just me and my ego. We bow to the Divine, to The More, so that we may become part of the Divine. Therefore I bow to The Truth, I cannot imagine anything higher than that.

Is there One Truth, or is it always a matter of subjective truths? Big question and my take is that everyone will have their perspective so in this sense there will be many truths, but they are all relative truths. We can respect each other’s truths, but there is no point in forcing them on another since they are not absolute. They are subjective. However it has been said that there also is The Truth. This is the truth of Existence, of The Whole, Gods Truth. This is something one becomes when becoming enlightened, because then you become the Whole. At least that’s how I have understood it with my blond Babyface head. This truth can be lived but not uttered, Osho said. Makes sense it cannot be summarized in words or logic, I mean how could words or a formula on a paper cover the whole Existence?

Then there is the Truth I know, and the Truth I don’t know. I honor what I know, but I am open for the fact there are things I don’t know. Existence is so vast, probably infinite, so there must be so much unknown out there. In the light of this being humble seems to be the only natural way of living, but I know I have many times pretended I have the answers to everything. Maybe you have seen this in yourself too, or met other people who seem very confident they know the truth.

Ultimately all we really know for sure is that we exist. “I experience, therefore I must be”. When I bow like this, I start with the known Truth which is myself as a Presence. I am standing in honor for the Truth I know as myself, and then I also bow to the great mystery I yet know nothing about. I open myself to receive and this is a kind of prayer. I have learnt that three points, three factors are needed to create a reality – just like three points are needed to triangulate in space. This commandment enables a flow of wisdom from the Unknown to me, the bowing creates the necessary openness to receive something beyond what my mind already knows. Words can help in the beginning, but nowadays I do this without words – it becomes an energetic happening if that makes any sense to you.

Maybe the absolute Truth cannot be said in words or sought after, but I believe if I do my best to never lie (also to myself) I will in time come to live that truth. Just like we cannot seek happiness, but in removing the root cause of unhappiness we arrive at happiness as a side effect. So far it is working for me. I had great resistance to bow before, but now I have experienced what blessing it can bring and I will never give up bowing to the Higher. That would be like making my Ego the highest, instead of accepting that I am just a small part of the Highest – but still a part. 🙂

Often we don’t even know we are lying. It has become a natural way of functioning not to make others upset, or to take the easy way out. The question is who are we lying for? If we have to suffer the consequence of our own lies we are lying to ourselves too. This becomes even more obvious if you have the view that everyone you meet is ultimately a part of yourself. I like this view and then lying becomes even more stupid. As it is now I am doing my best to live this commandment, which becomes a purification. To finally be able to stand completely naked without defending or hiding anything, not even to myself. It takes a great amount of self observation and integrity, but I don’t see any other way. I want to rise to live in this dignity, and I invite you to join me.

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