4. Don’t ignore Intuition.

This is the forth commandment out of 10, for the full list please read this post.

Intuition was a word I don’t think I ever used up to the age of 30. I had a vague idea about it as something imaginary that women talk about that they are having, in order to try to be as good as men are. Yeah as you can hear, I was not that open-minded…

Today I am not sure I can deliver any better definition of what intuition is, but whatever the word is pointing at it sure has a role to play in my life. An increasingly important role.

Some would call it a feeling, other people may have visions. Whatever it is it comes like a flash, and then it is gone. Any thoughts coming afterwards is not intuition, that is just the mind thinking about what happened. One thing I know is that intuition is not the result of logical thinking, it is not something created by intellectual thinking. On the contrary intuition seems to be small flashes that come out of nowhere, perhaps from the unconscious or perhaps from some external source. I have learnt that the more aware we are of this, the more useful these small hints are and the more hints we also get. The intelligence of the whole body and perhaps also beyond the body is infinitely greater than the limited mind and intellect. But I don’t suggest you give up common sense and logical thinking. It has its place, though limited to what knowledge we have up to this point. Intuition on the other hand seems to always bring something new.

In my daily life I listen more and more to the intuition. Here are a few examples of how it can play out:

  • My mind is telling me to go home from a party to get some sleep, but there is a feeling something might happen. When I stay I generally have the most interesting meeting of the night coming up
  • I was going to my grandfathers funeral and had to take the boat (since I live on an island). I had plenty of time, but in the morning I had a feeling something was wrong with the boat. I went down right away and found it frozen in ice. Now I needed all the time to unload it and luckily I just made it in time to the funeral
  • I had an intuitive feeling I should fly instead of driving to the alps. Unfortunately I listened more to the mind daydreaming about how nice it would be in the car listening to music and so on. After 3 days driving (and changing car in Malmö since my old one started to shake like crazy), I felt like breaking down crying on Autobahn…
  • I bet 1 000 USD on Trump long before the election and won 4 700 USD. It did not make sense that he would win at the time, but I had a strong internal indication and dared to follow it. (Don’t know if betting on intuition is to recommend though)
  • I did not like the vibe of a taxi driver in Brazil and decided to get out and change car. Later I heard that he was a criminal


Of course there is a risk the intuition may be wrong, and I generally don’t follow the intuition if the logical mind thinks it is a direct stupid idea. Ideally the mind and intuition are in agreement, but quite often the intuitive glimpses present a new option I had not thought about before. Nowadays I generally follow these hints, if I am aware enough to notice them.

Some people have extraordinary intuition, like my Guru for instance. Around him it is sometimes ridiculous how he just seems to know what is going to happen. I am starting to understand that there is almost a demand to develop the ability of intuition if I want to keep growing spiritually. One reason for this is that when I have a satori or samadhi, i.e. when the little ego with the intellectual thinking is gone for a minute or so, I have no idea about what to do and there is no personal preference either since the person inside me is temporarily vanished. In those moments there are no problems in the whole world, but it is also a feeling that it does not matter what I do. I am happy just doing nothing at all, but sometimes the environment demands some action. I have found that the intuition in those moments is much greater compared to in my normal state of being, somehow there are small hints and clues everywhere. When I manage to follow them I can get into incredible flow. Doors open exactly when I approach them, I say the right thing at the right moment and the right person shows up at the right time. But as soon as I start thinking or analyzing the flow will disappear, quite often abruptly like me hitting a toe or something. Perhaps you have also experienced going from incredible flow to getting hit in the head?

I think intuition is something amazing and I hope to get better and better at interpreting the clues I get. Being aware and ready, daring to follow whatever pops up. But without loosing my common sense. Perhaps one day I will understand what this intuition is and always have that guiding channel open, giving me insights and clues about which way to choose. That sounds like an exciting and magical life, never knowing what to expect. Why not, I’m game!

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  • sara
    Posted at 23:48h, 24 September

    underbar post, ju mer jag vågar lita på min intuition, desto mer fantastiskt har mitt liv blivit. Idag lyssnar jag. på den nästan till 80 procent. och den har aldrig fel. En enorm gåva om man vågar lite och öppna upp för den.

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