Regarding Science and God – that everything is one


[This text was written in August 2015 – some of my ideas and my style has changed a bit since then. But I will keep this as I wrote it.] Religious, scientists and philosophers can and should agree that the only thing one individual can say with absolute certainty is that she is experiencing and thus to some extent exists. All she then is experiencing, whether it is an encounter with God or a measurement of a planet’s motion in the universe, is a subjective experience and can just as well be an illusion.

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  1. Introduction
  2. My philosophical faith
  3. What has gone wrong
  4. Beautiful possibilities of the Future



1. Introduction

Babyface comment: This text was written in August 2015, so it mirrors my view on this topic when launching this blog. Today I would probably be less categorical and also less provoking, but I find it interesting to keep it as it is to see how my opinion and way of expressing myself has changed. 

There was some Greek philosopher who said that the possibility exists that we all live in illusion, that we are fed with the impression by a demon, and that none of what we experience actually exists. A modern example is the Matrix movie. No one can really say “I know” about anything. This should bring humility, it is so incredibly little we really know.


Some scientists and philosophers, such as Richard Dawkins, claims that we can and should introduce the concept of probability in the debate. Scientific measurements of the planets orbit can be calculated and confirmed independently, and it suggests that there probably is a planet out there that behave so. The same could be said about the millions and millions of people who have experienced and still experience that they have met God, of which I am one. (PS. I have not seen an old man in the sky with a white beard). There is no reason to let these testimonials or “measurements” to have less importance than the measurement of a planet that no one has ever been on. On the contrary, the direct experiences in first person often changes a person’s values, happiness level, acts and lives forever. Dawkins is a dedicated anti-God advocate, but he seems very set on attacking what can be described as a “personal God”. This is God or Allah as He (for it is a man) is described in The Bible and the Koran. A vengeful and unpredictable man with body and human behavior. I am ready to agree with many spiritual masters who believe that it is an affront to God to reduce this force, (force in lack of the perfect word, but it is used in the film Star Wars), to a single person with all human strange selfish behaviors. The most likely explanation for this extreme simplification, with a creation in seven days made by an elderly man with a long gray beard, is to use parables to tell a story that everyone can understand. Many do not understand more intellectual reasoning and to get everybody aboard, and thus the power, these stories were chosen. Unfortunately, with time many decided to take the stories literally.


For my part, I believe that in the future we must combine the best aspects of science and religion, instead of continuing the pie-throwing between the two. It is likely that both have something to offer mankind, just look at all the material wealth that science has given us and all the happiness, meaning and peace that many religious experience.


I personally think that a Buddhist philosophical approach I have seen is a good starting point.

We have three criteria that can reinforce what we think we know:

  1. Credible theories (which can be “confirmed” by the experiment)
  2. Credible testimonies
  3. Your own experiences


Finally, it is number 3 that means that we ourselves can experience that we know anything with certainty. With this model as guideline I am creating my own faith, and faith is a suitable word because I know I really do not know, I’m an agnostic. My faith acts as a guide in my life, but I am anytime ready to reconsider it if something more functional, logical, or a new experience emerges.


2. My philosophical faith

I have a body consisting of atoms and it is in a constant exchange with atoms in its environment. In one year, 98% of the atoms in my body are replaced, so on the material level, it is obvious that I do not have a separate body over time. Moreover, I have several senses. These address signals in the form of other atoms, but also electromagnetic radiation from the environment. The senses contribute to creating a simulation of reality and it is this simulation, which I perceive as my life. If this simulation takes place in a part of a Universal Consciousness, or whether it is only a simulation that arises in my own nervous system is the big question. Does our material and finite universe appear in an infinite consciousness, or do small individual consciousness appear in the material universe?


I’m leaning towards the first, mainly because there is support for this alternative truth in all the three criteria above. There are advanced Buddhist philosophies for this, thousands and thousands testify to it ever since the Buddha and it is also my own experience when I reach deeper, more natural states without the monologue in my head. That our individual consciousness occurs in the material universe is a neat theory, but not confirmed by the experience – given that the experiencer has had a satori (temporary enlightenment). Animals and nature are obviously linked to each other in  incredibly ingenious ways that researchers are constantly amazed by. Fish school with thousands of fish synchronizes the movements in a fraction of a second, migratory birds and whales get to the same place after traveling thousands of miles, animals felt the tsunami before it came and took to a higher elevation. The examples are many and to simply call it “instinct” is not a sufficient explanation for these synchronized phenomenon. The fact that the modern human mind is limited and introverted in the skull, having lost instincts as a result, does not mean that we are not part of the total universal consciousness. There have been tons of philosophical literature on this by more competent writer than I me. I can, for example, highly recommend “The net of Indra”, by Sante Poromaa. It includes advanced theories of rebirth and these should not be immediately dismissed as hocus-pocus. Science has always improved by bravely adding new “out-there” theories, so why not try adding a new dimension; the dimension of consciousness? Furthermore, I consider it almost self-evident that there is a collective human consciousness and probably also the consciousness of nature here on Earth between animals and plants. In this subject quantum mechanics seem to have a lot to say, perhaps it can serve as a bridge?


In this publication, however, I focus on describing my faith on the basis of the among scientists more accepted theory that consciousness arises in the material universe. This is to show clearly that there exists no real separation between us even in this case. The illusion of separation is critical to change, it is destroying our planet. What I mean by separation is the experience that “I am in here and the world is out there.”


The simulation I talked about above, or the dream, as some choose to call it, is all we know. The sky we see with the sun, moon and clouds are part of the simulation. Likewise, do the the sounds we hear, the tastes, the smells, the feeling of the wind against the skin, the sensation of an orgasm, the mind wandering and feelings in the body – all are part of one and the same simulation. The electrical signals are sent to the brain which in turn simulate reality. It is important to understand the extent of this. One’s own body as we see and feel in our consciousness is also only a part of the simulation. It is “my” simulation, and thus all other people and bodies I meet are a result of my simulation, as much as my own body. It’s all part of a simulation, my simulation. Consciousness is another word that we use to cover everything that exists in our simulation, and this consciousness is the deepest and broadest possible description of who “I am”. The experiencer is indistinguishable from that which is perceived. I’m like a movie in 3D subjectively experiencing myself. Of course I do it from the perspective of one’s own body, but I’m simulating the whole movie just the same way as I simulate my own body. For a normal person in a normal state of mind, this intellectual reasoning may seem logical, but she will still experience herself as being limited and that “I” is in here and the world is out there – separate from me. That is how I feel myself normally.


But fortunately I have  experienced other states of consciousness, when I experience myself as One with everything in the simulation – I’m the simulation, the dream or the 3D movie. It feels as if I am just an observer of everything that happens, including what the body below me do and what it says. There is no separation, because I am the full simulation with its nature and all its characters. This is a fantastic experience, there is of course nothing to be afraid of in the movie because I am the whole movie! I can confidently feel love and compassion to everyone and everything in the film and fully enjoy the immense beauty of the earth and the universe that I play for myself. This is a deep religious or spiritual experience, it is the experience of being God. But not a personal God, but to be the whole of creation. It may well be that it only happening in my simulation, but it’s the only one I will ever get to experience. This way of experiencing the reality is, as discussed above, natural, because we create our own simulations. I think it is this truth that spiritual masters like Buddha, Jesus and others have pointed to for thousands of years. They managed to go beyond the egoistic mind. A mind that in its own simulation is trying to protect and grab for its own computer game guy, kind of Super Mario. The masters have realized the beauty of the whole film, and learned to enjoy taking in the universe and giving back to the universe. That seems to be a happier and more peaceful way of living than sitting like Super Mario frowning when trying to intellectually work out how the computer game is built. It is quite obvious that intellectual thinking never will find the final answer, the discrepancy between existence grand whole and what the human conceptual mind can figure out is absurdly large. (quote Eckhart Tolle) This does not mean that it is wrong to use the intellect, it is an excellent tool to use fixing the car engine. But because it also can be used to build atomic bombs, it is obviously dangerous to let the intellect individually govern our lives. It also appears that a Buddha who has reached spiritual enlightenment, i.e. realizing the reality of their simulation, not only  get rid of their own suffering but ca also help others to get rid of their suffering. For suffer we all do when we live in the illusion of separation, whether we are conscious of it or not. Regarding the overuse of the intellect vs our suffering, Buddha used a beautiful analogy. A natural man who has been shot in the chest with an arrow, does not ask himself what type of wood the arrow is made of. He asks for help to get the arrow out.


A Buddha has a magical charisma, if we are receptive to it in our own simulation. The Universe and Nature has given us a type of internal measuring stick of our level of happiness, for me it is logical to use this as the ultimate guidance in my simulation – in life. It is in this sense, I believe that a Buddha has better track of reality than a scientist or a philosopher. A Buddha has mastered the experience itself, the Life, and follows in the Universe and Nature flow without resistance. Perhaps it is only then the most profound truth that a human being can experience reveals itself, the Universe’s and Nature’s truth. The truth of the universe, created for us humans since we are children of the universe. It is as if the universe speaks to us through our experience, our simulation. The spiritual experiences I have had are far more beautiful, more profound and meaningful than I ever intellectually can account for. This document is a two dimensional black and white silent film with poor resolution in comparison with what the universe provides in the form of the direct subjective experience. It is not possible to convey intellectually, it must be experienced.


So, if there is an objective world out there that is the basis for our subjective simulations, we can never know for sure. But if it does, it is a material world with constantly interchange of atoms between our bodies, so even in that case there is no real separation to speak of. This is the message which I consider the most important, that there is no real separation. It is this illusion of separation that has created the “us and them mindset” and is responsible for all the suffering on earth.


Regarding God it’s just a word, a concept in the human mind. There are as many meanings of a word as there are interpreters of it, the important thing is the truth that they point to. There can be only one truth. I think that God is a beautiful word, but it has been misused greatly through the ages. When I pray, I often pray to the Existence, Universe, Source, Nature, Life and Love. Words that points toward what we all can experience, something that unites rather than creating separation, something we are all a part of. Prayer‘s primary function as I see it is to get out of selfish thought patterns and see the big picture, Existence’s picture.


There is a creative “force” in our Universe. Religious might describe it as the will of God or the Holy Spirit. Scientists, for their part try to interpret it by describing its physical laws by intellectual approximations and puts name on it as the reverse entropy, or the implicit order. Whatever we think about this, we are made out of this force and under its jurisdiction. To believe that this is pure coincidence is of course ok, but I do not think it seems likely. Nor is the intuitive feeling I get when I look up at the stars in the sky and because I am a child, a reflection, of the universe, I do not ignore the intuition that the universe has given me.


Existence is a good word, by definition it includes everything andit does not get higher than that. Osho used that word, and he has also said that there is no God, but there is “Godliness”. This is to clearly dispel the myth of a personal God. As I see it, the universe was created out of Existence, possibly along with countless other universe. Nature is part of the universe, and from it us humans were created. If we are free as a Buddha, we experience ourselves in a wonderful simulation of the entire universe, it’s like the universe experiencing itself. There is a divine message of this experience, a message that millions of people in different cultures have experienced for thousands of years. There have been words such as compassion, gratitude, happiness, meaning, unity, love, ecstasy and bliss. It is in this way existence meant it to be, otherwise it would have been in a different way. Some use the word God for this. For me it is so amazingly beautiful and mysterious everything that I can not really choose the right words, because no words will make the deeper experiences justice. But I am grateful that I have got a little insight into what probably is the source of all religious beliefs, and it is the experience itself that is my primary guide.


It is said that our body and our senses together receive about 11 million pieces of information every second, but our intellect can just process 126 of these per second. These 126 together create our intellectually conscious reality. It is thus obvious that almost everything that happens escapes us and to just trust our head seems naive. Some information ends up in our subconscious and some in our body and here intuition, feelings and impulses has an important role to play. They offer a quicker path to insights and actions in line with Nature, instead of the slow road to attempt to think out everything with the intellect. In any direct or indirect way these 99.999% that the intellect misses affect our simulation, our perception of reality and our lives. It is possible that what in our simulation is perceived as angels, spirits and other beings are aspects of this huge amount of real information that we theoretically have access to. They are in that case not supernatural but natural – but not available to those who are not open or attentive enough. In some cultures, such as among the Indians of the Amazon, they have known for thousands years that plants like Ayahuasca and Huachuma can help us access information that is otherwise hidden. Ceremonial use of these medications have shown to be very healing, lead to deep insights and also opening channels of communication that are not otherwise possible. Given the small part of the reality we normally perceive it is both bigoted and even insulting to the old wisdom to dismiss this as unreal hallucinations and hocus-pocus. We are children of the Universe and Nature, and it must be considered likely that we have something to learn from the plants that have been here millions of years before us. Not only through microscopes and intellectual analysis, but foremost by the direct experience that follows when the plants are ingested. This is how nature speaks to us. Creative people in all possible areas from music and theater to art and science, testify that the content of the creative process seems to come from an indefinable source, it’s not something you’ll figure. Insights arise from silence, gaps in the stream of thought. It can happen in the shower or, as in Newton’s case in the garden – perhaps with an apple in the head. Here, plants and other preparations has helped a lot, and it is said that Shakespeare (mushrooms) and Walt Disney (LSD) as well as the Beatles (a lot) and the creators of Avatar (Ayahuasca) has received inspiration from various “trips”.


These great opportunities to experience hidden channels that seem to be related to chemical mixtures in our physical universe, do not represent a roof of what is possible. Added are the possibility of other parallel dimensions here and now, parallel universes. That the universe we know would be the only one in existence is not likely, we are constantly discovering new things just in this dimension. Everything is within the same Existence and therefore it is likely that there would be some type of communication between these dimensions. This since everything happens and always has happened now, how and when would it otherwise happen? (Everything else is just a thought in the head, also being here and now). Such inter-dimensional communication can not be detected by a device that is built for reading matter and radiation, but perhaps we can do it in our consciousness. An open, humble mind is the only sane approach to this vast, astonishing creation that we are part of, and subjectively experience.


3. What has gone wrong

If it is natural to experience everything in our life as a single coherent film, a simulation that our body is a small part of, then why is it not normal? This is a great question and I’ll just try on a gentle, general theory. Before we are born, we are hopefully relatively unspoiled. Already the birth, is however probably a traumatic experience for the baby. Leaving a secure, peaceful, existence in water in the mother’s womb, to instead get heavily drugged (same drugs as the mother for a little sensitive organism) and then pushed through a much too narrow birth canal and to finally come out and meet air and bright light for the first time among doctors and others in an often stressful environment. The lungs are painfully used for the first time and as if that was not enough the only known source of nutrition, the umbilical cord, is cut off in a matter of seconds or minutes. Although a baby can not think and shape verbal memories, it is obvious that the child like an animal feels pain in the nervous system and the nervous system has a memory. It is also clear that the earlier in our lives we experience trauma, the deeper they imprint our nervous in our organism. It has been claimed by psychologists since Freud’s days, that the first three years largely shape who we become as adults; safe or unsafe. Probably birth for most is a very traumatic experience, the child’s first contact with the new world is pain and perhaps even fear. There are examples of pain-free, orgasmic water births which clearly appear more natural – but that is a chapter in itself.


The child has according to science a consciousness already from birth, and since there are no thoughts there is no sense of a self created. Everything is experienced as a whole. Senses such as vision begins to be configured according to the environment and becomes sharper with time. After 6-7 months it is said that the child “recognizes” some kind of separation between the mother and the experiencer (i.e. the child), which is a painful experience. In the first years basically all the children of our planet get to experience the fear of being alone and abandoned without any concept of time and the lack of closeness and love. They are taught shame, when natural behaviors such as playing with sex and ass are punished by shameful and sexually blocked parents. Natural spontaneous emotions expressed as crying or anger are also condemned as unwanted and thereby repressed. Or bribed into silence with sweets with subsequent sugar addiction. Exactly everything that happens to a child from birth will imprint the baby’s nervous system, where else would it go? It is cause and effect, classical physics. We therefore raise our children to believe that they are in a world which is painful to be born into and live in. In this world, there is a lack of love, and kids should be ashamed of or suppress behavior that feels natural.


Let’s test to put ourselves in the child’s perspective. An innocent and pure consciousness is born, one continuous simulation has been created without knowledge of separation – a new life. In this simulation that is experienced from the perspective of a body, the experiencing child then learns  there is pain, danger and lack for their own body. The experiencer must learn to protect its own body and ensure that it gets, at the expense of other parts of the experience. The pain is already from birth to much for a small child to handle and it is therefore unconsciously separated from consciousness, it is suppressed and stuck in the body as deep contractions. Thus a division is created in the previous continuous consciousness. A division between the suppressed pain which is too large to handle and the rest. The first illusion of separation is a fact. Illusion because the pain is real and part of our consciousness, a part of who we have become because of the environment. Since there is now a part of the consciousness that the child does not want to feel like himself, a self is created in the consciousness. The world is out there and the experiencer is in here and, the world out there hostile. As more pain is accumulated the kid finally reaches a point when he is controlled more by the fear of pain and the desire for more, than of natural curious, happy and carefree impulses. An artificial Self is dominating the behavior over time, the Ego has won in this organism. (see “Theory of Holes” by A. H. Almaas). The experiencer is ashamed of his urges, is afraid of others but also afraid of being abandoned, which breeds jealousy, longing for love, has desire to own more, is oppressing natural feelings and so on. And all this happens in our own simulation! It has been said that all psychological pain has to do with the illusion of separation. This I am inclined to believe, the separation is not true and it hurts not to live in truth.


The experiencer is thus a damaged nervous system constantly set on defense, it is like he has built a wall around himself. This nervous system is created by two injured nervous system in the form of mother and father, who in turn are created by other damaged nervous system. It is destructive programming that propagate themselves, generation by generation. Here DNA is just one of several factors, the environment likely play a larger role in the psychological dysfunction a child suffers from. One symptom of this dysfunction is that we are walking around and thinking about ourselves all the time and what everything means to us. This kind of thinking generally stems from fears and desires regarding our own body in our simulation. Sure, it happens that new, creative ideas emerge. But the average person thinks 60,000 thoughts per day, 80% of them are negative and 80% is also the same thoughts as she thought yesterday. It is an unnatural contraction, a tension, probably located in the brain. This thinking is possible because we humans have the ability to a higher dimension of consciousness, but the ability should of course be used in a different way. One indication of this is already in the name of our species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens – the human who knows that she knows. This is not something that the intellect can grasp the full significance of, but something that must be experienced. To experience oneself as consciousness where life passes, instead of from the small perspective to think about and be completely engrossed in the content of consciousness. Exactly everything we experience is borrowed and the things that come and go in life is not life itself.


A name for this disorder often used in spiritual circles is the Ego. The Ego is thus a psychological and physical system in both mind and body that is in dysfunction with the surroundings and also attacks the own organism. The Ego is found in pretty much all people on Earth, is constantly reproduced at each birth and is solely responsible for the destruction of our planet.


We can not see our own Ego. It is only when a human for the first time  experience a satori or samadhi, temporary enlightenment, as she realizes who she is and that she is not her Ego. Before that, the Ego is for her what water is to a fish, you can not see what is always around you. A satori corresponds to lift the fish over the water’s surface to provide a new perspective, the fish will see that there is something other than water. This also brings the realization that everything you experience is kind of a dream or simulation, but not your personal dream. It is the universe’s and nature’s dream, given to you and it is this realization that brings gratitude and a longing to with love and compassion make the dream beautiful. Right now, the Ego reigns on this planet. We have to choose between getting in line with nature, like all other plants and animals, or to perish.


4. Beautiful possibilities of the Future

The good news is that it is possible to weaken this dysfunction and become more natural. There seems to be some individuals who throughout history has made themselves permanently free of programming and perhaps this is the only way to experience true freedom. Outstanding achievements possibly carried out by masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Lau Tzo and Osho. It has been called enlightenment, and what they did is as difficult as it is easy and natural. It has also been called meditation, a state free from the Ego’s activity in the body and mind. The experiencer is aware of oneself as the whole experience without separation (1) and the organism resets its nervous system to total harmony with their surroundings and feel the world as ones own body (2). First described in Tantra as the masculine practice, it is a higher level of consciousness. The experiencer sees the truth, that everything is a simulation and the experiencer is free from personal self-reflection. This probably means that the contraction in the brain has been released and relaxed. The second is the feminine practice. The entire nervous system from top to toe relaxes outward as if it had never been damaged and no evil is to fear. It includes the physical base of the body with its genitals and also the perhaps deepest contraction in the body, the spiritual right-side-of-the-heart (just below the right nipple, most people don’t feel anything there). The enlightened disappears into or re-enter fully into the simulation, which is the ultimate experience – the deepest possible color and feeling. It does not mean to sit and meditate alone on a mountain top. Nothing wrong with that, but who would choose to do so if he realized that everything is a simulation where there is nothing to fear and you can do whatever you want? I have met a few trustworthy people who say they have met a fully enlightened human and that the enlightened almost seems like an alien with incredible charisma and transmission, that others also feel physically in their own bodies. Being near such a person brings either a feeling of bliss, or, if your Ego resists, both physical and mental pain. A fully enlightened being can with full awareness and without fear embody all the energies that are possible for us humans. From the deepest anger and sexual lust, to the deepest love and compassion – depending on how he can best serve the situation. It is said that it is also state of omniscience. Maybe not so that he can answer all scientific questions in detail, but he always acts in complete harmony with the universe and experience no doubt. When the heart relaxes outward, instead of protecting itself, love flows into the simulation and fills it. The whole experience becomes a loving one, the Universe becomes a loving Universe without any separation. Only then do we experience the reality like the Universe and Nature meant for us. Rapturously we get to experience ourselves as the whole of creation. A loving, beautiful and welcoming creation. We meet the full experience of God.


Today there is as far as we know no living human that permanently mastered both the feminine and the masculine practice, although a few master the masculine. We are all damaged and the road to the full enlightenment and liberation is very long. There are also far too many people on the planet and population growth continues at a record pace to at least 10 billion. The only solution is to give birth to fewer children, and it is logical also from the perspective that only a distinct minority are suitable parents. Most people carry on their deeply wounded child inside and unknowingly pass on this injured programming to their children. It is obvious that most parents must have children for selfish reasons. But there are those people who have always loved children. They have since young age offered to baby-sit, they like to sit for hours and play with the children, they have unconditional love to give and children cling to them. Our unborn babies are not yet damaged and maybe we can, through the greatest and most important effort in human history, begin to give birth to and nurture unspoiled children. In this way, a new beautiful world could be created here on earth, in symbiosis with nature and the universe. As it was supposed to be.