Larger perspective: The disease in the human psyche and its symptoms Society



[This text was written in August 2015 – some of my ideas and my style has changed a bit since then. But I will keep this as I wrote it.] Today we live in societies in which we are educated in a template to be normal, well-behaved, tax-paying and producing cogs in the gigantic social machinery. The economy is growing and the material standard is getting better and better. But the question is how well we are feeling and how natural our society really is. In this long text, I give my view on this difficult issue.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Disease symptoms
  3. The system Society is not the solution
  4. Cure the disease at the root
  5. Create a new foundation for the future


1 Introduction

Babyface comment: This text was written in August 2015, so it mirrors my view on society when launching this blog. Today I would probably be less categorical and also less provoking, but I find it interesting to keep it as it is to see how my opinion and way of expressing myself has changed. 


What is Society? Obviously, there are many answers, just as there are many different societies. Moreover, a society is constantly changing. Thanks to modern technology societies are no longer geographically delimited, they are rather built on relationships. I will try to make a definition so that we are on the same track:

A society is from the beginning a group of people united by a network of social relationships of some duration and continuity. In a modern society the group agrees about control means, laws of desired behavior and punishment for those who break the laws. Modern society is a self-fulfilling system, with no place for what humans perceive as meaning.


Throughout this publication, I will come back to what I perceive to be a natural human and put it in comparison to the human being in modern society. I want to make a difference between natural, which is to be in tune with nature, and normal which is to be like most others. It’s normal to be stressed and be ashamed when you are naked, but it is natural? I will also be concentrating on modern Western society where we live in democracy, because it is considered by many to be the most civilized system we have today.


Many of us have a sense there’s something about our society that does not feel completely healthy. It shows itself in many different ways: violent football hooligans, radical political activists, criminals, racists and anti-racists, rejection of society by isolating themselves in a monastery or the most common – to simply complain. In principle, no one seems to be completely satisfied with the society we live in, but where the blame lies  is difficult to agree upon even if everyone is pointing in any direction away from oneself. There seems to be a belief in the perfect system, and from this belief, political ideologies, but also religious beliefs emerged. Perhaps the perfect tax system, the new laws or mine particular view of school and healthcare would solve all the problems …

Frustrerade fotbollshuliganer hålls på plats av polisen. Men varför är de frustrerade från början?

Frustrated football hooliganism held in place by the police. But why are they frustrated in the first place?


We seem to agree there is some kind of disease with a variety of symptoms and then we argue about which symptoms are worst, and how they can be mitigated. Many similarities exist with cancer, which, unsurprisingly, spread rapidly in the western world. The headlines tell us that stress, poor sleep and artificial food causes cancer. But why we have the “normal” behavior that causes cancer and especially how we change to a healthy natural behavior, few people have answers to. Instead, all resources are used to ease symptoms by cell treatments and other methods rather than to cure the original disease, i.e. finding the root of the disease. It’s the same in society where we complain about everything that is wrong and trying to legislate to prevent it, instead of going to the root of people’s dysfunctional behavior. After all, it is humans with our collective behaviors which make the society, although many rather seems to think that society is a machine that must be calibrated according to their particular head.


2. Disease symptoms

Here is the most depressed part of this publication, but from the media, we are accustomed to wallow in problems, so I hope you bother  to keep reading ;).


The Earth is overpopulated, there should not be any doubt about it. Right now we are on track to eight billion people. There is an explosive growth and those who count on this mean that we will soon be over 10 billion. There are people absolutely everywhere and we live on top of eache other in larger and larger cities. I am constantly amazed when I look out the airplane window on flights across Europe. There are cities and agriculture almost everywhere, some occasional groves may remain. Humanity really have colonized this planet and supplanted other animals and natural vegetation. It is said that animal species are dying out faster now than ever before in Earth’s history, there is thus a mass extinction worse than after the comet stroke. We need space,  or as it looks like in this small perspective; I need space. I need to consume like I want. I must make sure my genes reproduce. Why does each person necessarily need to pass on their genes? Are we not more aware than just seeing our own little bubble? Of course it is natural that we as a species would ensure the survival of the species, but as I see it is the survival of humans is instead threatened by the greed underlying the population growth. In this way, humans look like a parasite or virus. We multiply ourselves and use all resources at our host animal, which in this case is our only home, Mother Earth. I hope and believe that we are capable of increasing awareness so that we can find a more sustainable way of passing on our genes.


Because everyone wants to consume as we do in the Western world, we have to devastate nature. It is crazy that we are still using GDP as a measure of human success. It means that politicians, industry and other policy makers see as the main objective that residents shall consume more goods and services. The more we consume, the better it goes for a region, country or humanity. This is taking place on a planet with limited resources. The equation is impossible, and that nature is suffering is given. Most people see themselves as part of society rather than a part of nature and if you look a little closer at it, you realize how sick it is. It’s like when the white settlers bought land from the Indians in America. They paid with alcohol and a contract. For the Indians who lived in harmony with nature, it was an absurd idea that a man could own land. We are born out of nature, in nature we live and die. Nature is always present, we are the people that come and go. Just like society, which is just a castle in the air, that work only as long as we believe in it. What kind of society over-utilize nature, the hand that feeds us? It is time for a new measure of human success, a measure that takes into account the nature and animals. It is primarily for our own sake. Nature will recover after we disappeared, which we will do. Sooner or later.


We are all neurotic and our neuroses are handed down from generation to generation. It is visible in the small world around us. There may be children who bully kids in kindergarten, old people who complain about the youth they themselves fostered or middle-aged who are worried when they go to work. I have a friend who works as a nurse in the emergency room and she says it just seems to be more and more people coming in because of psychological problems. Often they are young people who do not feel any meaning in life and barely know who they are. According to SCB depressed youngster in three times more common in Sweden today compared to in the 80s. More will be burned out, depressed and forced to go to psychologists. We do not see our own neuroses, but we can clearly see the others. I read a great article by Alex Schulman on the theme:


I was on student reception in a suburb outside Stockholm, and when it comes to this type of event, time has stood still. It is as it always has been. It’s punch bowl in the hallway, potato salad and salmon sandwich cake, men with colorful ties along the walls and in sofas sit aunts and uncles with yellowed student caps and rest. There we stand and look at each other with our plastic glass in the hand.

We will be alloted to eat out in the garden and we are moving out, sitting down in the garden furniture where the cushions are hot in the sun. The entire family is there, except the student himself stuck on a “student platform” (see picture below). The father is over and over trying to call him, worried he wonders when his son will arrive.

There is something special to come home to a family, where other families suddenly jostle with each other. Suddenly you see everywhere small scenes from the marriage, scenes of family life. Easy dysfunctional behaviors become normalized after many decades.

A man in late middle age reaches for the wine bottle to refill his glass. His wife sitting next are in conversation with someone else, but she’s got a radar for that. In the conversation, she turns her gaze and supervises her husband, seeing how he fills his glass. She says nothing, she continues the conversation, but she has seen it all.

One of the men in the party draws an anecdote, something he and his wife experienced this weekend. His wife tries to interpose something, he roars: “Do not interrupt me.” The woman stops and smiles nervously. The man continues to tell.

A mother wants her teenage child to come and sit on her lap, she draws him to her, but he tears himself from her grasp and vanishes away.

A girl eating ice cubes from her juice glass and continues despite the father telling her not to. In sudden anger he rips the glass out of her hand and pour out the ice cubes in the grass.

A man stands on the lawn and says something to a young couple, and he talks and talks, but looks consistently only the man in the eyes.

The student is finally arriving, a little shaky, with sparkles in his eyes. People shouting “bravo” and some applauding, all standing except the old, who are excused. He is wet on the entire body from the beer at the student platform, the mother laughing and making theatrical gestures in which she tries to wave away the bear smell from her face. The father tries to unforcedly pour wine for his son. But it is strange and awkward, because this he has fought against all these years.

There is joy and love here. And beneath it is something else, dysfunctional behaviors passed down through the decades.

Unga berusade studenter som trotsar någon av alla tusentals lagar och föreskrifter. Polisen avbryter.

Young drunk students who defies any of the thousands of laws and regulations. The police interrupts.


I would like to comment on the last paragraph. Certainly there is joy and love in our relationships. But I would rather say that it is the ancestral neuroses that are dominating in all relationships and in society at large. My spiritual teacher often say to go down the street in a city is like being in a mental hospital without doctors. The more time I spend with my teacher, the clearer I see my own and therefore other people’s dysfunctional behaviors. The neuroses are not beneath the joy and love like Schulman says, it’s the neuroses that cover our true nature. Sometimes it can shine through. All people who have consciously experienced pure joy and unconditional love knows it is a truth in itself. You feel at home. But the blue sky, which is always there, is obscured by dark clouds.


What is true in little world will also be true in general. Our society consists of people and if we are dysfunctional so will society be. We live programmed by our neurotic Egos, and it creates the illusion of separation. I am in here and the world is out there, that is how almost everyone perceives reality. The clearest and most serious symptom of this unnatural disease is the concept of “us and them”, which is based on prejudice and leads to isolation and sometimes violence. This symptom is often easier to see in the large scale. We see Muslims and Jews hate each other, football supporters slug, white and black are afraid of each other, Indians and Pakistanis who distrust each other, Russians who oppress homosexuals, Jacks-in-office and criminals who misunderstand one another, political parties call each other idiots and environmentalists and capitalists slandering each other – well the list goes on and on. In all these examples the phenomenon is the same, but those involved believe that their case is something special. In this particular case, we are entitled. Right and wrong is something that the ego loves, but is there any right and wrong in nature? The answer is no, nature is as it is and I believe in being careful of judging. Someone may think that I judge when writing this, but I only try to describe what I see as sincerely as possible.


There is a clear need for togetherness and it is satisfied by declaring a border between us and them. We who are right and those who are wrong. In fact, whenever you define a ‘we’ it pops up a them, those who are outside. You can also see it in your own life with the constant dialogue in your head saying I’m like that, and he or she is in a different way. This is where the whole we-and-them symptom begins. Even if it’s just about who is the best driver of the car it is the same mechanism that leads to people blowing themselves up to kill those who have a different view on life. It can be linked back to the ego’s illusion of a separate self, but that is another story which you can read about in Subjects – Philosophy.


I was born into a family with two successful politicians as parents. For many years, I went happily into various hectic political debates about tax rates, benefit levels and investments in infrastructure. Nowadays I find it hard to motivate myself to take sides because I feel that politics is so snowbound, the perspective is so limited. The parties argue about details of the tax system, and tactics to get the power are the main focus. Politicians are generally completely fixed in their respective Egoic illusions and finger pointing to the right and left, without having any vision of the future worth mentioning. I am not surprised that the public loses more and more interest in politics and that the intelligent visionaries nowadays choose another path. Politics increasingly resembles a duck pond and media hunting to find scandals make it almost impossible for ordinary people to dare or wish to venture into politics. But we can not really blame the politicians. The standard of the politics reflects the society we all create. Legal quibbling for money and power is the way, almost no one looks to whole picture. Xenophobic parties can attract greater interest because they are clearer about what politics today is all about. It is us-and-them. The clearer I see it, the harder it becomes to pep myself to bring me into the current political debate. The perspective must be bigger.


The we-and-them approach, which is totally dominant in the world, is behind all the conflicts and has historically led to horrific extermination, such as during the Holocaust. I think it’s important that people realize that it is the same phenomenon when they say that their neighbor’s stupid. We are not able to love our neighbor as ourselves, as Jesus says to us. Most of us do not even love ourselves. A sense of lack and anxiety is driving neurotic behavior in everyday life and in the whole social structure. Can we stop pointing finger? Can we realize that we are all responsible to some extent because we are born, live and die together in the same small globe. In that perspective, we are all equal. That may be something to remember when we think that we have nothing in common with our neighbor.


3. The system Society is not the solution

So we’re a bunch of dysfunctional beings who lost touch with our true nature and fallen out of balance with the nature that we come from. Instead, we live in communities that reflect our neurotic behaviors, and these communities have become increasingly complex. Legal dictionaries get longer and longer and no single person has a chance to overview how the system works. Instead, everyone tries to make it as good as possible for themselves, very few see the big picture of all people, animals and nature. Hmm, this doesn’t sound so good … And sorry, it aint over yet.


How many stamps can society put on you? You’re sorted out with nationality, right-leftist, believer or atheist, HBTQ or “normal”, you may have ADHD, high or low IQ and EQ, good or bad marks, attractive or bad CV, fit or unfit parent, you can be burnt out, have a dot in the register, refused entry to a country, to be anorexic, have allergies and so on. Naturally,  this manic classifying exists also in the large scale and we belong or do not belong to the EU, EMU, NATO, the UN, the WTO and the G20. We identify strongly with all these combinations of letters and think that they are vital to who we are and what our future will be. Few see that they like everything else is always changing, and that these letter combinations are not real in themself. Society is conceived as a system to work together, but today we humans are slaves to the system. The society provides a template for how you are going to be and if you do not follow this template, you will be stamped in any way. In some countries it is the system that appoints itself. In the US for instance, it is the president (a man of the system) appointing officials of the Supreme Court, which in turn make the laws that govern the system. That the president is pinioned have been quite clear with Obama. Many years of struggle to give poor people a decent health insurance has hardly yielded any results.


Our food is becoming increasingly artificial with antibiotics and new genes to increase productivity. Artificial people eat artificial food in an artificial society. It is really incredible that it is legal to experiment freely with the food that our children are to eat, while it is illegal to dance at bar in Sweden if the place does not have dancing permit. It is actually true! Dancing is a natural, a human and spontaneous joy that makes everyone feel good. I have been to several places where we have been told to stop dancing, or else the police. “Typically Sweden”, perhaps some say. But these artificial societies are across the globe, in Japan they have a law preventing dancing since 1948. They just eased that law a bit, as long as the night club is not too dark…


Sure, there may be well-meaning in-laws like dancing condition, that no one should be squashed. But eventually it becomes absurd, everything can not be controlled. I myself was in Tokyo and was stared at when my buddy and I were tossing around on a dance floor full of chocked Japanese’s. A healthy society should work to support the freedom of every person. I do not pretend that everything is society’s fault, it’s like blaming a computer program. The society is our creation, and simply reflects the collective psyche. It is we who are responsible for our artificial society.


It is logical that the system we call society is primarily focused on survival. The society is not interested in free people because they are independent and do not contribute to society. Therefore freedom is prohibited in laws. Society is not a natural design, it is an artificial creation, and its structure becomes automatically hostile to anything that threatens it. It is therefore no wonder drugs like alcohol and tobacco are legal. They contribute with tax money and makes us at the same time dependent and dulled. There was an interesting experiment in which test subjects were to drink five strong beer to then be asked to throw a plate into the wall. Almost everyone did it. When another experimental group smoked a few puffs of cannabis and received the same instructions almost no one obeyed the order. Instead, they asked: “Why?” It is not surprising that society prefers to legalize drugs that do not make us ask questions. Although the alcohol for many leads to addiction, abuse, drunk driving, and death by alcohol poisoning. OK take it easy now if you are against drugs, the meaning here is not that everyone should start smoking pot. Rather to begin questioning the system that most of us take for granted as the truth of how we should live our lives. Something must be wrong when people are labeled as abnormal and artificial system with its templates appoints itself to rule us.


Economical growth is most important and therefore we as humans are interesting as long as we pay taxes and take care of us. Those who are old and worn out we don’t really want to see, and therefore they are shoveled away to die in a home, preferably in the countryside. That is more efficient. Death has no place in modern society, because it has a tendency to create questions about the meaning of life and uncomfortable things like that. Have we  forgotten that we are mammals that are born, eat, drink, have sex, and then die? We are children of the universe, created from and a part of nature, and in that sense we are all natural, similar and equal to the animals we treat as slaves and industrial consumption. This we seem to have forgotten and the question is how it happened. I will try a little historical flashback.


In nature there is a balance, and this balance we were a part of until only a few thousand years ago. We distinguish ourselves from other animals since we have the capacity to a higher level of consciousness, and thanks to this we have been able to get to the top of the food chain. However, we are also animals and have 99% identical genes with a chimpanzee. Our brains and bodies carry the heritage and the animal instincts, but these are repressed. They simply do not fit in society. Philosopher and writer Nietzsche thought that man carries within himself a desire for power, and that we have an inherently violent nature who want to steal, rape and murder. If you look at human history there is a lot of this and the climax was reached during the last century with two world wars. These wars were forced mankind to partially wake up and in the subsequent civilizations, we are terrified of violence and conflicts. We have created societies that do not want to know of racism, violence and other brute-like behaviors. The only problem is that you can not legislate away emotions. They ca be suppressed – at least to a certain degree. Prisons have been built to imprison those who do not manage to suppress feelings. Nietzsche, Freud and others realized over a hundred years ago that this oppressive of our darker sides will lead to neurotic people who create a neurotic society. Children are open and have not learned to censor their feelings. Fundamentally, they are happy, but they are forced to live by society’s template. They feel everything that we do not want to feel and the result is that they cry and get furious by turns. But these natural purges also means that they are capable of happiness and carefree states that most adults have lost the ability to experience. Adults are so deep in society’s programming, there is so much repressed feelings that the light behind the blockages rarely shines through. But there is a light in there, in all people. More on that later.


We do not want to relive World Wars and therefore we are striving for harmony at all costs. It comes in our relationships and in society as a whole. It is imposed from above, the harmony is not genuine, and therefore the price is high. We have lost touch with ourselves and trust more in a system than in our own inner compass. I mean, of course, not that we should go over into violent anarchy. Democracy is a good idea and our society is not evil in itself. But no man can be happy to adapt to a template, we need to be free to be happy. That we are free today is a myth.


Media mirrors, just like society, our collective psyche. More single copies are sold about disasters, injustice and malice than news that unite people. We are daily fed with the “news” that the world is about to go under and even this writing may seem to point in that direction. Sure there are many who are suffering in the world and that we must not take lightly, but  the world is not nowhere near as bad as the media wants to portray it. The brilliant comedian Bill Hicks made a number of this when made fun of the news that consider themselves to be objective. He said: “When I turn on the TV, I see murder, embezzlement, rape, earthquake, AIDS and economic crises. But when I look out my window, all I hear; chirp-chirp-chirping, birds singing. Where in hell is all this shit going on? “Media distorts the reality and gives many people a sense of hopelessness. Today’s social structure survives because we have nothing better to believe in. Crises like the financial one is mainly due to confidence being undermined and the media carries a major role in how they create mass hysteria. Media is like society leaderless but fulfills a function for society, it frighten us into obedience and the hopelessness makes us passive. What if media instead had the attitude to constantly suggest possible solutions to the problems they report on. Imagine what huge difference that would make, people would get hope, creative ideas and energy. I want to highlight sport as an exception. 45 minutes of woes reported by serious newscasters, is normally followed by 15 minutes of lighter reporting of hope and faith in the world of sports. A much needed break, I understand that many like sports.


The school is as I see it a key player. Future generations are trained to take over and create future societies. Children are, as everyone knows natural. They cry when they are sad, have not learned to smile falsely and tells the truth straight out. Most of us appreciate this and we enjoy seeing open children play happily and carefree. What is the school’s role in our modern society? Encourages children’s natural behavior? Not directly. Children are different and know early what they are motivated by, but what children themselves are interested in is completely irrelevant when they start school. In as early years as possible we will push as much theory as possible into their heads. The most important thing in the debate in Sweden seems to be the age at which children should start receiving grades and whether it should be numerical or letter grades. The kids are to become producing, intellectual robots that do not violate the law. To manage emotions and relationships is last in order of priority. Stop feeling and start thinking. Everyone knows there is bullying in school and of course, the children that feel the worst are bullying. In this way, neuroses are spread from highly unsuitable parents to their children and then on to other children. Are you the parent of a child who bullies you are resonsible. And the school stands helpless.


How crooked the school’s priorities are became apparent to me when I was out in the suburbs of Stockholm to help immigrant youths with their homework. The people I met were almost exclusively from Somalia between the ages of 13-15 and they were clearly ambitious, because at least they cared about their homework. Here was children who fled their country and what we in Sweden first and foremost want to tap into their skulls is theory. Of course, it is important to be able to read, write and do simple math exercises. But beyond that, young people must be able to function as human beings. The National Agency for Education obviously thinks it is more important with subjects such as geography, wood and needlework, physics, biology and German grammar. There are national tests in chemistry on Thursday declared the youngster for me… Is it more important that the 14-year-olds read of carbon-hydrogen bonds than getting to know their own bodies, their emotions, and can talk to each other about what makes them angry, afraid and sad? Polls and surveys tell us about children’s decreased motivation, their obesity and depression. Without any real idea of why or what we can do about it. The school is like all other institutions in the service of society, not really interested in how we feel. It is a programmed system and the programming is based on survival, growth and obedience.


Now it’s finally time to end the dismal part with a summary. We as humans have thus lost touch with nature in at least two ways. Firstly, we live in isolation from nature and animals who are murdered and plundered, but this thank God, we do not have to do ouselves. Specialists, machines and factories take care of the dirty business. We have also lost touch with our natural behavior and because we have suppressed our feelings, we become neurotic. Together we have created a system we call society in which we hope that laws and regulations in some magical way can cause us to live in harmony, without having to acknowledge all lurking beneath the surface. Today’s politicians is a product of society. They are controlled by the media and, like the population in general completely stuck in a we-and-them model without viable visions for the future. We believe that the system is critical to our success, rather than how each person feels. Therefore, society is becoming more complex, more and more laws to come, human behavior is illegal and in many places the system is now in control. Society = truth, and we humans are labeled as defect with all sorts of combinations of letters. We live in a knowledge society policymakers claim proudly. The problem with knowledge is that it can be used to build both wind power stations and nuclear bombs. What happened to the wisdom celebrated in the past? The word “wise” is hardly used anymore. Our children are indoctrinated into the system, they should be “normal”, not natural.


There is a battle under the surface between two forces. One force is striving towards the society of control with supervision, called “Big Brother”. The state wants to micromanage your behavior to ensure that you do not compromise the system. You do not even have power over your own body and there is a “war on drugs”, even though it never has worked. Furthermore, you are bugged, opinions are recorded and your shopping habits on the Internet mapped in detail. Laws are stacked on laws to narrow down our behaviors further.


The second force is driven by the natural human desire for freedom. There are those of us who feel that we should live our lives as we wish, as long as we do not harm other people. Countries like the Netherlands, Portugal and certain states in the US goes tentatively in this direction. There are experiments that initially can go back and forward and they are countered by various forces, but the basic idea is that humans get their freedom back. She must take responsibility for herself and experience shows that in time we grow with responsibility. It would be healthy with the removal of at least one law for every new law enacted. This simple policy could create a whole new view on the legal system and its heavy (and expensive) bureaucracy. I pray that it will be the path to freedom and not increased control who wins in the end. A free and open Internet is probably the single most important tool for freedom and integration on this earth. Where people can communicate directly with each other without Big Brother telling us what to think.


This part has been about how we have become slaves to a system. But that does not mean we can blame the system. After all, people created the society and it is also people pushing to increase control and thereby reduce freedom. We all have a responsibility.


4. Cure the disease at the root

So in the Western world we are completely fixated on the disease symptoms and look for medications, preferably chemical ones with patent and taxes, to alleviate the symptoms. In the East, traditionally one have been more focused on looking for the root of the disease and try to cure it. For example, I received two herniated discs in the neck when I worked in a stressful environment as a management consultant. The typical surgeon wanted to rigid operate on my neck, but fortunately I came to a an alternative doctor who managed to dissuade me. With the help of a psychologist and later meditation I learned to stress down and my symptoms disappeared completely. It is important to identify the behavior that leads to our disorder and when we change our behavior, we can become healthy and furthermore independent of medications, doctors and others who earn money in our misfortune. It makes us freer and stronger, but this is nothing we learn in school.


The disease in the Homo Sapiens specie has a name and it spells E-g-o. For some this is hard to accept and understand. Many people do not agree that people in general suffer. “I’m fine, I’m doing great, I’m happy,” some would say. I am not suggesting that everyone is unhappy all the time, but there are certainly not many people who wake up with a natural smile in the morning. However most of us did when we were children. Subsequently, layer upon layer of parental and societal programming was put on top of our happy child-me. These layers are manifested in our mind as maniacal thinking and also in our bodies as tension and contractions. The entire population goes around and are stiff in body and rehearsing their own thoughts to themselves. The only difference between us and “the madman in the Park” is that the madmen say what they think aloud. Just like an alcoholic, there is a resistance in each of us to realize that we are partially insane. Illness awareness is the first, most difficult and most important step. Ask yourself if you sometimes can be jealous, feel stress, sleep poorly, be worried about the future, be showered by involuntary thoughts or push back the natural impulse of crying or anger. If answer is yes to any of these questions, it means that you are suffering. But some answer no because they do not even feel the emotions in the body or are not aware of all the thoughts spinning around in their head without clear direction. They may not be aware that they feel bad, but their negative energy is felt from far away and they get no close friends. Their children will take the hit, and the relations are strained as soon as the kids are big enough to dare to question the mother and father. Angry, sad and frustrated teenage kids are considered normal, but why should that be normal?


We must first realize how bad we feel, but the good news is that you can do something about it. Not by passing a law to not shout at each other on the street and not by cramming more mathematics. The medicine is to work with yourself. Myself I have been able to relive the carefree bliss I felt as a child, by first dealing with my crap. At different spiritual retreats I have also seen hundreds of others break through the shackles of Ego, to get a glimpse of their true nature. How we feel on the inside will affect all our actions and also determine the quality of the society we are building together. The ego is now passed from generation to generation and the collective ego has built our society. But the ego can be weakened by spiritual practice and for that reason I can not see anything more important to humanity than working with our psyches, day by day. More and more people going to psychologists may seem negative, but for me it is a proof that we begin to realize how bad we feel. Mindfulness, yoga and health trips explodes in the West – that I also take as a sign that people want to feel better.


The point of this blog is to inspire the reader to get to know yourself, work on yourself and be more genuine. I’m in the same boat as everyone else and trying just as you to do what I think is right. My practice has given me a whole new life. I am more confident, happier and feel more meaning in my life. The enjoyment is deeper and the awareness greater. Sure, some fears and desires remain, but they can not take over me in the same way as before. My hope is therefore that I can help create a brighter future, something I was not interested in a few years ago. Then I was an unconscious, money-chasing part of a neurotic society – one of millions of people trapped in the rat race.


5. Create a new foundation for the future

I think it is important that everyone realizes that we are the people who make up society. If we do not feel good, society can not not do it for us. Whatever the new laws, tax levels, environmental premium, infrastructure projects, and talk of more teachers, police officers and nurses. Us feeling good requires completely different methods than those politicians propose and change can not be forced from above. We need a vision for the future and it cannot be like the society we have today. As I see it, it is the task of society to offer a base and a security for the people so that everyone can live the way they wish. Our freedom is crucial and society should not force people to anything and definitely not decide what each one does with her own body. The only “rule” really needed is that you can do whatever you want as long as you do not harm anyone else. All shall otherwise be free to do as they wish with their own lives. Information and support instead of a ban should be the spirit of everything. However, I realize that many people today are so psychologically damaged or programmed by society that this change can not be done overnight. Many are even willing to fight for society to continue controlling, fight to make sure you and me should not be allowed to be free. But the increasing freedom is already happening in some places in the world, while elsewhere, as in Russia, goes in the opposite direction.


To create a new earth and prosperous future for man kind, we need to realize that we are all neurotic and live by our egos. Because we see each other’s dysfunctional behaviors more clearly than our own, we can all help each other to become healthier, more honest and more authentic. The decisive factor is whether we can summon the will to become better people, rather than to defend ourselves. This movement is somewhat already available in the form of psychologists, healers, yoga teachers and others – but unfortunately, not many of those have an efficient model. None of us has been given enough attention and love during our upbringing, but if we actively work with ourselves, our unborn children could get a better start. Children are natural and express their feelings straight out, instead of repressing them. It is of utmost importance to children, without parents and society interfering, to be allowed to play sexually with themselves and each other, to be so furious or sad they want and choose for themselves what they should learn. Of course it is ok with healthy boundaries, that children need to have a life jacket on the dock, that they must not pull a dog by the tail and they do not get to watch TV every night. The important insight here is that a child’s emotion is never wrong and must not be muted with either reprimands or ice cream. That way they can avoid neurosis created by the constricted natural behaviors and a child who has received enough real love will naturally behave lovingly.


Earth is overpopulated because there is a greed around the “getting” children. It belongs to the template that everyone should have children and that is according to my teacher perhaps the most unconscious programming of all. This is not a popular opinion, many feel threatened and become directly outraged when they hear that someone is not interested in having children. Most parents are not adequate for the task, they can not give their children the love, security, attention and freedom that children need in order to be happy as adults. However, there are those people who always loved children. Ever since they were teenagers they have signed up to be babysitters and they can play with children for hours without getting tired. If we gave up the desire that everybody must pass their genes one, we could go together as uncles, aunts, godfather and godmother and support parents who are peaceful and loving can raise the next generation. In this way we can also give our earth, nature and animals some breathing room – overcrowding can be alleviated. Today we have the technical resources to take care of an aging population, especially if there did not constantly become more of us consuming of what the earth can produce.


Future society (with less damaged people) will not control how we raise our children. There are of course theoretical subjects still available, but the natural children can choose what they are interested in. The information is there, such as you get holes in your teeth if you do not brush them and that English is good so you can talk to others. But there is no compulsion. Children are curious by nature and without coercion, they often learn  more, without suppressing creativity. I have met a 10-year old girl that got this free upbringing and she was the happiest kid I’ve ever met, and furthermore trilingual. However, at 6 years age she had to leave Sweden to not be forced into our school model. Luckily, since this girl had the naive world view that everybody is friendly – of course it would not have passed many days without her being mobbed in a normal school by jealous children who had a tougher upbringing. Let nature guide the children instead of a neurotic society that forces children into theoretical thinking and out of their body.


I realize this may sound like romantic dreams, but there is living proof that it works. Of course it is not done overnight, but what if the school could make these small adjustments in its system:

Children can individually opt-out one hour theory per day, there will still be over 50% theory in school so there is no shortage. Instead it will be an hour a day when the kids get to know themselves and each other. They get acquainted with their body, their emotions and learn to express how they feel for each other. It could be yoga, meditation, discussions, sex education worthy of the name, to pray together, to let boys and girls change clothes and conflict management.


Children are very adaptable and I am convinced that this change would create a completely new school. Especially kids who do not get this from home can be save from slipping into addiction, crime and alienation. What is most important, that children feel good or us pushing more theory in their heads? If you look at today’s schools, the answer is unequivocally theory, with the result that the children feel as they do.


Society must therefore change from creating theory-driven robots cast in the same mold, without contact with our true nature, to instead support man’s natural behavior and need for freedom. Some philosophers, including Alexander Bard, say that humans need a utopia to believe in. It is missing completely today. People have always painted the picture of paradise and it has given something to strive for. If we do not have anything beautiful to strive for, the void is filled by something else. Today the disaster scenarios of the future has taken the place. You only need to turn on the news on television or open a newspaper to realize that this is the case. Media are completely focused on reporting that everything is on the road to hell. Would it not be more rewarding and motivating to hear reports on progress towards a common goal of a brighter future? Instead of being cynical and just think about our own wallet, we could find a deeper meaning in our lives in the strive for utopia. Sure we could cure world poverty, we already have resources in abundance. But generosity comes only from people who feel good, from free people. If we all felt good, that is if the ego was not ruling our world, poverty would be a thing of the past.


In the nature religions people saw themselves as a part of nature, which enabled us to live in balance with it and respect our environment. We do not need to believe in a man we call God in heaven to get back to our true nature and balance with mother earth. But we must believe in something in order to have a quest and why not believe in balance with nature? This universe of magical creation we are made out of. Let’s be creative and create a vision for the future. Free from selfish pattern that “I want” and full of loving people who want to give. The road is long and arduous, but we have to choose it or the disasters we believe in today. Which direction do you choose?


A video for you who also think something is wrong in modern society: